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Teresa Kok predicted Zaid’s exit?

Look at who was the one who thought that Zaid Ibrahim could not stay long in the cabinet

Zaid Ibrahim made a law minister

I am surprised to see Zaid Ibrahim, the former chairman of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Caucus (AIPMC) and former Kota Baru MP being appointed as Minister of Law in PM’s Department, the position formerly held by Nazri.

I know Zaid has strong views on UMNO and Pak Lah’s government. He has been very frustrated over what had happened in past years too. While I am glad that he has been appointed into the cabinet, having worked with Zaid Ibrahim on Burma issues in past years, I also wonder how long he can stand and bring reform in the judiciary. Hi hi, let’s wait and see….. hopefully he can really bring change this time.

ISA detainee Teresa Kok wrote this back in 18 March… 🙂

Teresa Kok was also a member of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Caucus (AIPMC) which Zaid Ibrahim was once a chairperson. Zaid commented previously that,

“I am very sad that people like Teresa (right), who I know personally, can be seen as a threat. I can’t see how a journalist doing her duty or even Raja Petra can be seen as a national threat.

I believe everyone is somehow linked between each other, mysteriously… 😉

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