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Saw this from the blog “Ahh.. Chewww!”, and shamelessly reproduced it here…

=0 (this is a smiley…)

Anyway, follow the link here and witness it yourself… 😛 Apparently it is a well-known bug in the web, I tried changing 8 to 7 and it gives 2. Gah, the blog owner failed exam because of the calculator LOL.

The blog’s name is kinda cool, guess I should name my blog “Wa Toh liao…”, hmmm, innovative mah 😛


Anyway, I’m a DAP supporter, I voted for “Just Change” in not-so-recent-already general election (The wikipedia record on this was damn good!). And no, the first search entry of DAP in google is Download Accelerator Plus… Errr, Off topic paiseh, my point is, I hereby pledge not to change to support Google Chrome 😛

I know I know, it is cool, it is tab-independent… But I found it too simple and ended up scratching my head finding some functions. The fact that having multiple chrome.exe running in the system doesn’t really amaze me. I was still using that super slow Compaq P4 laptop then, and my comp almost stopped working due to the multiple process tab-independent feature @@ The recently closed tab feature wasn’t new. The frequent visit page is a bit, well if someone else uses your Google chrome, ahem… Too personalized may not be a good thing… 😛

Think I got too use to the Firefox, and the new Opera was quite good as well! Tab-independent wasn’t that fascinating seriously. In FF or in Opera, they will save your session and recover it if your browser crash. I know it’s more tedious, but I’m happy with it already… 😉

And don’t you think Google has been invading too much of your life? Gmail, Google toolbar, Google search (When was my last time using Yahoo search ah?), Google earth, Google chrome, Google-d Blogspot, Google-d youtube, I’m sure there are more. I believe in diversification, or else every might as well change his/her name to something Google. Can’t imagine one day you will have Googlebook~~  Or maybe GBS TV station? GRadio? Gtunes? G saves me…

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