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Protection of Wildlife Act 1972

October 25, 2008 12 comments

In Malaysia, the Protection of Wildlife Act was enacted in 1972, repealing the Wild Animals and Birds Protection Ordinance 1955, which was set up by British colonial administration.

Legal framework is one very important aspect in wildlife conservation. This piece of act has never been reviewed after its enactment, which is 36 years ago…

Coincidentally, when I did a google search on this act, it gave the Indian’s Protection of Wildlife Act 1972…

Anyway, binatang-binatang liar in the East Malaysia is not protected under this act. Apparently the parks, the wildlife and the wild trees (or are they tamed? 😛 ) in the state of Sabah and Sarawak are not federal government’s business (which can be good and bad~). So the act is only protecting the Peninsular Malaysia’s wildlife.

According to Wikipedia, the Sabah’s wildlife is protected under Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997 and Sabah Biodiversity Enactment 2001. The Sarawak’s wildlife is protected Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998 and Sarawak Biodiversity Ordinance 1998. (Sabah’s under Sabah Wildlife department; Sarawak’s under Sarawak Forestry, the one which wants to cut more trees than to protect the environment 😛 )

Well, 36 years vs 10/11 years… The Malayan Nature Society (MNS), TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Worldwide fund for nature Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) jointly participated in “government’s initiative and intention in revising this law” (I’m surprised by the “government’s initiative”!!!). Here are some “issues and recommendations”, if you even bother to read 😛 .

In this season of petition, please spend one or two more minutes to sign this petition (by the NGOs) to call for extensive review and amendment with public input of this hyper-outdated law!

WWF style: The cute tigers and the ever-charming sun bears in Peninsular Malaysia will rely on you to stay alive!!!!

By the way, I’ve signed the petition, 12th signature :D, the petition collected 755 signatures right now, and the target is 100,000… Errrr………….. But yeah, the signatories are from everywhere~

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Sick and sick-related

October 19, 2008 1 comment

I was having sore throat since Wednesday, and I went to Underwater world in Sentosa for teaching that day…

The sore throat got worsened, plus a little bit flu at Thursday, and I was doing my blardy (aka bloody) “fieldwork” that day…

And then by Friday, it was a cold, and I got to read up, worked on my presentation slides, attend that presentation’s meeting and then go teaching in Changi Beach…

Saturday was my full day rest, it’s WEEKEND and I can’t believe I’ve got to stay most of the time at bed resting for this bloody COLD!!!!!!

Sunday was wonderful. I spent some time playing game, some more for marking student’s CA scripts, and even more for that presentation slides. I felt cold when I went outdoor (rain mah), and when I was in my room I felt humid and hot!!!!

Cantonese says, 得閒死唔得閒病, which means you are free to die but got no time to fall sick… Best describe my current situation…


Anyway, this question has been in somewhere my mind for quite sometime. If I am to die in next minute, all in sudden, say the building suddenly crash (choy!) and send me to heaven (or more suitably, hell); Or If I am to suddenly got detained under ISA

How can my friend or my family access to my blog to write a new entry, say an obituary, or a news regarding I’m now detained under ISA?

I mean I’ve seen various blogs ended by one last entry saying “The blog writer left us at XXXX hrs yesterday…”. How did the family and friends obtain the password?

For me, I’ve quite some passwords, someone out there knows one of my passwords, but apart from that, no one knows my passwords or usernames or where I’ve been to in the huge cyberworld!

Are my footprints in the internet, my secrets which could probably be found in my email and etc going to left untouched and unknown? (No, please don’t hack my email account OK? :P)


I guess being able to disappear without letting others knowing is quite a cool idea, just like I prefer having a mild celebration (I remember there was once, only about 10 persons knew that it was my birthday! And I was strangely happy…) for my birthday (with oppose to those big one lah)~~

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Hate, discrimination and sacrifices

October 13, 2008 1 comment

Stumbled upon this particular blog entry titled “Remembering Matthew Shepard”, and then went on to study about this guy in Wikipedia (I think soon or later there will be a report regarding over-relying wikipedia… hmmm).

Well basically 10 years and 1 day ago, a guy called Matthew Shepard was robbed, severely tortured and killed by 2 other guys in the US. The motive? Well, Matthew Shepard was gay and the murderers are straights, a case of H-O-M-O-P-H-O-B-I-C…

His murder brought national as well as international attention to the issue of hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.

The hate crime legislation (and amendment) was proposed to condemn crimes committed on the basis of sexual orientation (and then extended to gender and people with disabilities). No luck, Wyoming state rejected it. Federal congress passed it, but dropped without blessing from several groups and the President George W Bush.

Talking about discrimination, apart from sexism, ageism, homophobic and racism, people like HIV-plus, ex-prisoners, guys and girls who don’t have nice-looking face, who instead have big-numbered-waist and tummy, people who have different religions etc, also suffered heavily from this discrimination… Well, no law, not even proposed law to protect them though~~

No to discrimination? Easier said than done 😉


The right honourable member of parliament from Serdang (It’s in Malaysia, in case you don’t know :P) written this blog entry today, in Chinese. Well basically she compared the Bali bombing 2002 (12th October) with the Tioman Ferry Fire 2007 (13th October). The 3 terrorists linked to the Bali tragedy were sentenced for death penalty, but a public outcry surfaced recently, questioning the government why these 3 terrorists who are responsible for 202 lives are not murdered yet. As for the latter tragedy which took 7 lives, 2 inspectors (from marine authority) were suspended by the ministry of transport, and… errr, full stop.

Nah, no wikipedia entry for that Tioman Ferry fire, famous blogger & newbie parliamentarian Jeff Ooi written a quite long (warning!) blog entry here.

The “Seagull Ferry” which had no permit and license for more than a year was still fetching hundreds of passengers. When the fire occurred, there wasn’t enough life jacket, the crews cabut (run away) WAY before the passengers had got to help themselves…

How’s life for that 2 suspended inspectors? Who else except that 2 inspectors was held responsibilities? Was the ferry owner fined and prosecuted (is there any law prosecuting them by the way?), Is there any post-mortem and new measure being introduced to avoid this kind of tragedy from happening?

We are apparently living in a too lively country that this kind of tragedy can only bring hot discussion for 1 or 2 weeks, and subsequently substituted by other expose, scandals and tragedies…

Thank you YB Teo for reminding me that today marks the first anniversary of the Tioman ferry tragedy. I like her last sentence in the article:


My sucky translation: The sacrificed once brought the opportunities for rectification, has been forgotten as time goes by…


I will remember the people who got murdered because of hatred and discrimination, who were sacrificed due to incompetent governance and irresponsible human being~~

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October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

最近跑步时发现, 我好像越跑越慢, 越来越快断气… 唯一进步的是从第三跑道换到第四跑道… 奇怪大家不都说跑步跑得多, 自然就跑得快跑得久跑得远的吗?

最近游泳好像也变得越来越容易疲倦… 而且速度好像已经到了极限了, 没什么进步… 倒是发觉旁边游泳的人游得越来越快… =.= 看来是时候花点钱拜个师傅了… @@

最近吃完午餐和晚餐后特别想睡觉… 其实一直以来都是这样的… 只是前一阵子定力跟耐力都比较强… 现在反而吃完饭后就乖乖在实验室里睡觉… =.=

最近晚上回家后越来越嘴馋, 都很喜欢到七记买点什么零食吃… 偏偏七记里最吸引人的零食是巧克力… =.=

最近家里的网速越来越慢… 慢到足以令人抓狂, 于是还是和以前一样, 懒得回家… 😛

最近越来越常看“联合早报”, 因为屋主有买, 所以每次上厕所时就会顺便拿来看… 真的, 早报的中文水准真的不是普通的烂… 可能编辑觉得新闻标题应该生活化一点, 应该比较俗一些, 连头条都烂的不行… 还有, 最近看了一些有关已故 JBJ 先生的评论以及报导… 发觉早报的评论几乎都一面倒地描写 JBJ 先生的所谓”反对政治模式”, 然后还很不经意的捧一捧执政党人民行动党的卵芭… 就这一点而言, 个人觉得主流英文报“海峡时报” (The Straits Times) 的”反对声音”还比较强一些~~

打这篇部落格发现, 我的中文水准也在不断的下跌… =.=  想当年中学时代统考拿 A 的哩… =.=  现在来来去去就只懂得用”烂”这个烂形容词… =.=  听歌也开始崇洋起来听洋歌, 没办法, 中文歌太… 烂不堪入耳了… >.<

听了某某人的话, 改用孤狗中文输入法, 结果反而因为不习惯而更懒得打中文… 😛  打字也就算了, 要我现在用手写出一篇这样的”文章”, 我大概会死翘翘去~~

这是我搬家后第一次用中文写东西, 值得纪念一下… 😛

今天(还是昨天? 忘了~~)早上走路上学时突然想起这首歌, 到了实验室立刻用油管找了这首歌来听…

戴佩妮 – 时间快转

不为什么, 就喜欢刚开始那几句歌词,


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Pak Lah plus the KL sovereignty

October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Warning: Long and political post. Ms Lim please don’t read 😛  I’m sorry I can’t control myself.

1. Goodbye Pak Lah. I guess most Malaysians would have say this deep in their heart. He was the one that brought some hope to install freedom, democracy and integrity into our country. When he first sworn into power, the country was enthusiastic about the change that he could and he promised to bring. Even YB from Batu Gajah Ms. Fong Po Kuan said so in her blog.

He was known as “Mr Nice Guy” and he won over 90% of the votes in 2004 General Election. I did write about him giving me some hope for a better Malaysia for all Malaysian, when he delivered his first speech as the successor of Tun Mahathir in Parliament. It was in year 2003.

2. The writer for his first speech as Prime Minister was brilliant I guess. He asked us to “work with me, not work for me”. He told us that he wanted to “listen to the truth”.

3. Back in even 2006, I still believe he could bring the country to the better direction, despite the fact that the corruption perception index continued to stumble, the press freedom index wasn’t magnificent, the oil price continued to soar, the economic growth rate was impressive but rakyat found that they have less and less money on hand…

4. So many things happened in 2007 and 2008, Pak Lah proved that he was just a puppet of someone else. His 2004 election manifesto wasn’t fulfilled at all, he continued to stay “I don’t know” aka the elegant silence, and found sleeping in many occasions… Malaysia Today was and still is very inspiring and exposed lots and lots of problems in Pak Lah’s government, but well, the editor was under dentention of that ISA now.

5. I remember I was in my friend’s house, celebrating the huge opposition success in the 12th General Election. I remember telling the horrified uncles and aunties that “Selangor also won by oppositions leh!”. I remember MalaysiaKini was alleged that Pak Lah was only winning 1000 odd votes while the counting progressing. I remember hoping that Pak Lah would be voted off.

6. Pak Lah, you may be a nice guy. You’d after all tolerated the success of Pakatan Rakyat, hence “enhancing” the democracy process of the country. Well, maybe that’s because you were really nice, or maybe because you got no idea and power to do something harmful. Evil exists because Good man does nothing, the party boss of my MP said so.

7. I will not forget the private jets, the fancy yacht and etc that you obtained through who-know-whose-fund-was-that. I will not forget that you didn’t care about the great flood in Southern and went opening Nasi Kandar in Perth.

8. Goodbye my Prime Minister Abdullah “flip-flop” Badawi, even though I’m not gonna like that Najib “I-don’t-know-that-woman and I-want-chinese-blood-on-this-keris” Razak, it is important that the country need to get rid of unfit leaders.

9. I only hope that you walk your talk, and manage to bring in the much-needed reform, namely Judiciary, Anti-corruption and Press Freedom, that you pledged today. But people are wondering, if 90% of control in parliament + 66% of popular vote could not help you in reforming, what would 64% house control and 52% popular vote do…

10. Anyway, that Selangor ADUN from Kampung Tunku seemed to kind of replied my comment over constitutionality. Let me shiok sendiri a while OK? 😛

11. I’m not law expert. Heck, I’m a biologist, not even taken a module about law to start with. I learned about my country’s constitution through web search, and the version available on net is not up-to-date anyway…

The House of Representatives shall consist of one hundred and eighty elected members.

12. Anyway, the YB commented that constitution can be changed. Yeah I agreed, except to erase every single “Federal territory” phrase in the constitution should be quite an interesting task to the Attorney General.

13. My point was, to change the federal constitution of Malaysia requires 2/3 of the house of representatives aka Dewan Rakyat to vote “Aye” on the constitution amendment. The Pakatan Rakyat controlled only 36% of the house, with DAP only about 13%. How could such an idea be passed through in the house? Well, it’s not impossible under the umbrella of bipartisanship. If the 11 members of parliament in KL, together with 22 members of parliament from Selangor stand together, the house will definitely need to consider such option because the interested parties agreed to do so! It is especially so for the KL MPs.

14. Now the YB is a state assemblyman from Selangor. In legislative level, he got no voting power or negotiation power in Federal parliament. Heck, he can’t even join or form a caucus in federal parliament. In party level, he isn’t a CEC member who oversees the national issue. He isn’t a member of DAP FT (Kuala Lumpur), who can then claim to be the core of affected party. Is he a KL voter? Or a KL-ite? I don’t know.

15. I don’t know how would this link to him “offering” the KL people a “seat” in Selangor state government. I don’t know how could he speak out the interest of KL people…

16. I always complain about KL people having one less vote. I always complain that KL despite an opposition territory, is still under control of that filthy Blue Nazis. I mean not just me, the MPs said so too. But why the KL MPs weren’t so “clever” all this while to have suggested for KL to be returned to Selangor? The KL MPs, which included my MP I voted for, want a mayoral and councillorship election in KL! They want the KL local election that was terminated since 1963 to be brought back! None of them ever suggested to have KL going back to Selangor, because they know the difference between a constitution and a local government act 1976!

17. I don’t know, but it seems the KL is under direct supervision in the name of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, is he challenging the King? I don’t know, law expert is welcomed. Anyway, I prefer KL to be declared a state, very much like ACT in Australia, I can then happily vote for my ADUN (MSLA), my MP and my Mayor.

18. As for now, I’ll stick to dream for a mayoral election in KL.

19. Will this YB suggest so, if Selangor isn’t under Pakatan Rakyat controlled? Will he champion for KL sovereignty if one day DAP is no longer part of the Selangor state government? I guess KL is such a big sweet fruit that everyone seems wanting to grab and taste it.

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Emo session

October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

1. The famous auntie blogger up north in Penang has recently produced an excellent comment about facebook that I’ve got to shamelessly reproduce here… 😛

In case you peeps don’t know what is ‘Facebook style’, it is one of those shiok sendiri, ‘I am such a celebrity, whatever I shit, I must tell the world because they are dying to hear what colour is my shit’ way of keeping others updated with what we are doing.

How true is that! But then I’ve been doing so ever since I started using MSN 😛

2. Yesterday night wasn’t a good night. Quarrel with a friend and staged a walkout, well sort of, you know I very like politics 😛  Anyway, problem remains unsolved, and I’m surprisingly bad as a conflict solver.

3. I wish I would… When I screwed up something, I’ll start to go into debriefing-post-mortem mode. And in this mode, 90% of the time, I will say… “Ah, I wish I would…” Anyway, I wish I would decline to take a bus and go shopping with her (and so no conflict would happen). I wish I would remain quiet and cheery when kena arrow-ed. I wish I would remain good temper…

4. But ultimately, I am bad tempered, I am very defensive, I love to argue with people and seldom want to take few steps back. I take something seriously when others are not, and I take something not seriously when others are (i.e. sensitive and insensitive at the same time @@). I’m usually awkward to say sorry, I always think that I’m right…

5. Not that I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but then knowing is one thing, changing is another thing. Bah, failed management system~~ I guess that’s why I always consider myself as a bad guy :/

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October 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Am glad a teacher was giving me feedback that I’ve been writing too much words and doing too many linkings that make the blog entry hard and tiring to read.

I kind of expected that. I mean I spent at least more than half an hour for each blog entry, indeed an unhealthy practice.

Sometimes I just feel like writing till nowhere… hmmm…

Anyway, note taken, will try my best to improve on this 😉


By the way, am glad that my blog has, er, say more than 1 visitor per day lately? LOL~

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