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Politics Snippet

1. Malaysian political scene is soooooo lackluster this week. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was sooooo quiet that it makes you wonder what was he doing these few weeks? Was he busy feeding frogs? The YB from Batu’s we-have-met-with-PM’s claim was busted by PM-in-waiting DSAI. The Raya was rather peaceful, with maybe some Pak Lah’s fan-si crying that he will most probably say goodbye to us by next March…

2. Seriously, I love Pak Lah. Seriously, he has got so many fan-si out there already, see here and here. Why? Seriously, I don’t fancy Najib “I-don’t-know-that-woman” Razak to be the next PM. I believe Tunku Razaleigh Hamzah is a better PM candidate. Errrr, more interim PM that kind because ultimately UMNO-BN should be an opposition by next General Election. I also believe that with Abdullah “I-dunno” Badawi taking the PM office, the BN will fall faster and sooner… 😛

3. The temple demolition incident was funny. PKR exco said “the temple was illegal and hence kena demolished lah!”, PKR MP from Ampang Zuraidah said “the temple kena demolished because the temple committee wanna renovate lah“. The DAP state exco who holds local government portfolio and also chairing the state non-muslim affair committee chickened out from the controversy, acted as if it’s none of his business. Talking about culture-of-resignation, this fella should have already resigned citing the reason of “failure to prevent wrong-doing by local government, especially over religion issue”.

4. Ah yes by the way, there is this Selangor ADUN from Kampung Tunku, and a DAP Selangor secretary championing KL-ites interest in saying that KL should be returned under Selangor Government’s governance because this makes KL-ites better due to the “people-loving” (aka populist) Pakatan Rakyat government. I’d said I’m DAP supporter, I voted YB Tan Kok Wai into the federal parliament of Malaysia. But then sometimes there are still some not-so-masuk-akal outsider who want to act like he’s my (as a KL-ites) rep… sigh…

I commented, citing some concerns over this fella’s blog:

– The failure of implementing local government election and the failure of DAP leader in protecting an Indian temple from being demolished. More so, the failure of ensure transparency in selecting the city/municipal councillorships and as a result the encourage of cronyism in local government area. What KL needs, is an elected and independent government that take care of our longkang, which means the KL-ites want to elect their own Mayor and City councillors, who run a fully functional Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur like the London, Washington DC or the Austrailian capital territory.
– The possible impact, if KL joins Selangor, due to the stupidest decision from the state government, i.e. 20 cubic meters of free water, which will only encourage more water wastage. KL has a residential population of 1.8 millions, implementing the free-water-policy over the 1.8 millions will only create more water-crisis over the Klang Valley. Already people want to stop the building of that water transfer project from Pahang to Selangor because it creates too much environmental impact and too costly. What will happen when KL-ites are to join into the water-wasting fun fair?
– The Federal constitution ensures the KL’s Federal Territory status (which means it is a federal house matter). This YB is neither MP of KL, nor DAP KL’s member and of course not a DAP Central committee member. He should seek for support first from the wakil rakyat of KL, DAP KL and DAP National committee before even speak like he’s a KL-ites. I’m a KL-ite and I’ve pride, peace.

5. American politics is very attractive and interesting. Pardon me for my ignorance that I did not (bother to) watch a single clip about Sarah Palin but instead watching how Tina Fey impersonated Sarah Palin, here and here… 😛

6. The enactment of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was worth a movie. What is even more interesting is to actually see how both parties, Democrats and Republicans, sit down and negotiate out a bill with the Finance ministry. It was way amazing to see how the House of representatives rejected a bill drafted by their party leader. Well, if you want something, you gotta ask for it.

7. Can both side of the Malaysian house of representatives sit down and start to discuss the nation’s future? Can the elected rep from both side of the house refuse to vote according to party line, to secure the rakyat‘s interest?

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