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Emo session

1. The famous auntie blogger up north in Penang has recently produced an excellent comment about facebook that I’ve got to shamelessly reproduce here… 😛

In case you peeps don’t know what is ‘Facebook style’, it is one of those shiok sendiri, ‘I am such a celebrity, whatever I shit, I must tell the world because they are dying to hear what colour is my shit’ way of keeping others updated with what we are doing.

How true is that! But then I’ve been doing so ever since I started using MSN 😛

2. Yesterday night wasn’t a good night. Quarrel with a friend and staged a walkout, well sort of, you know I very like politics 😛  Anyway, problem remains unsolved, and I’m surprisingly bad as a conflict solver.

3. I wish I would… When I screwed up something, I’ll start to go into debriefing-post-mortem mode. And in this mode, 90% of the time, I will say… “Ah, I wish I would…” Anyway, I wish I would decline to take a bus and go shopping with her (and so no conflict would happen). I wish I would remain quiet and cheery when kena arrow-ed. I wish I would remain good temper…

4. But ultimately, I am bad tempered, I am very defensive, I love to argue with people and seldom want to take few steps back. I take something seriously when others are not, and I take something not seriously when others are (i.e. sensitive and insensitive at the same time @@). I’m usually awkward to say sorry, I always think that I’m right…

5. Not that I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but then knowing is one thing, changing is another thing. Bah, failed management system~~ I guess that’s why I always consider myself as a bad guy :/

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