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Hate, discrimination and sacrifices

Stumbled upon this particular blog entry titled “Remembering Matthew Shepard”, and then went on to study about this guy in Wikipedia (I think soon or later there will be a report regarding over-relying wikipedia… hmmm).

Well basically 10 years and 1 day ago, a guy called Matthew Shepard was robbed, severely tortured and killed by 2 other guys in the US. The motive? Well, Matthew Shepard was gay and the murderers are straights, a case of H-O-M-O-P-H-O-B-I-C…

His murder brought national as well as international attention to the issue of hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.

The hate crime legislation (and amendment) was proposed to condemn crimes committed on the basis of sexual orientation (and then extended to gender and people with disabilities). No luck, Wyoming state rejected it. Federal congress passed it, but dropped without blessing from several groups and the President George W Bush.

Talking about discrimination, apart from sexism, ageism, homophobic and racism, people like HIV-plus, ex-prisoners, guys and girls who don’t have nice-looking face, who instead have big-numbered-waist and tummy, people who have different religions etc, also suffered heavily from this discrimination… Well, no law, not even proposed law to protect them though~~

No to discrimination? Easier said than done 😉


The right honourable member of parliament from Serdang (It’s in Malaysia, in case you don’t know :P) written this blog entry today, in Chinese. Well basically she compared the Bali bombing 2002 (12th October) with the Tioman Ferry Fire 2007 (13th October). The 3 terrorists linked to the Bali tragedy were sentenced for death penalty, but a public outcry surfaced recently, questioning the government why these 3 terrorists who are responsible for 202 lives are not murdered yet. As for the latter tragedy which took 7 lives, 2 inspectors (from marine authority) were suspended by the ministry of transport, and… errr, full stop.

Nah, no wikipedia entry for that Tioman Ferry fire, famous blogger & newbie parliamentarian Jeff Ooi written a quite long (warning!) blog entry here.

The “Seagull Ferry” which had no permit and license for more than a year was still fetching hundreds of passengers. When the fire occurred, there wasn’t enough life jacket, the crews cabut (run away) WAY before the passengers had got to help themselves…

How’s life for that 2 suspended inspectors? Who else except that 2 inspectors was held responsibilities? Was the ferry owner fined and prosecuted (is there any law prosecuting them by the way?), Is there any post-mortem and new measure being introduced to avoid this kind of tragedy from happening?

We are apparently living in a too lively country that this kind of tragedy can only bring hot discussion for 1 or 2 weeks, and subsequently substituted by other expose, scandals and tragedies…

Thank you YB Teo for reminding me that today marks the first anniversary of the Tioman ferry tragedy. I like her last sentence in the article:


My sucky translation: The sacrificed once brought the opportunities for rectification, has been forgotten as time goes by…


I will remember the people who got murdered because of hatred and discrimination, who were sacrificed due to incompetent governance and irresponsible human being~~

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  1. Teo Nie Ching
    October 14, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Thanks for reading my article and your wonderful translation. Tragedy sometimes can be beneficial if we manage to learn from it. However it seems that it will never be the case in Malaysia… Pray for those sacrificed and their families..

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