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Sick and sick-related

I was having sore throat since Wednesday, and I went to Underwater world in Sentosa for teaching that day…

The sore throat got worsened, plus a little bit flu at Thursday, and I was doing my blardy (aka bloody) “fieldwork” that day…

And then by Friday, it was a cold, and I got to read up, worked on my presentation slides, attend that presentation’s meeting and then go teaching in Changi Beach…

Saturday was my full day rest, it’s WEEKEND and I can’t believe I’ve got to stay most of the time at bed resting for this bloody COLD!!!!!!

Sunday was wonderful. I spent some time playing game, some more for marking student’s CA scripts, and even more for that presentation slides. I felt cold when I went outdoor (rain mah), and when I was in my room I felt humid and hot!!!!

Cantonese says, 得閒死唔得閒病, which means you are free to die but got no time to fall sick… Best describe my current situation…


Anyway, this question has been in somewhere my mind for quite sometime. If I am to die in next minute, all in sudden, say the building suddenly crash (choy!) and send me to heaven (or more suitably, hell); Or If I am to suddenly got detained under ISA

How can my friend or my family access to my blog to write a new entry, say an obituary, or a news regarding I’m now detained under ISA?

I mean I’ve seen various blogs ended by one last entry saying “The blog writer left us at XXXX hrs yesterday…”. How did the family and friends obtain the password?

For me, I’ve quite some passwords, someone out there knows one of my passwords, but apart from that, no one knows my passwords or usernames or where I’ve been to in the huge cyberworld!

Are my footprints in the internet, my secrets which could probably be found in my email and etc going to left untouched and unknown? (No, please don’t hack my email account OK? :P)


I guess being able to disappear without letting others knowing is quite a cool idea, just like I prefer having a mild celebration (I remember there was once, only about 10 persons knew that it was my birthday! And I was strangely happy…) for my birthday (with oppose to those big one lah)~~

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