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My project………

November 26, 2008 5 comments

Have been planning to blog about my friggin’ troublesome project…

The work is simple. First of all, I’ll have to set up a tent somewhere in NUS…


Inside the tent, there’s a touch screen monitor, a table with a “head-chopper” “head-stopper” (OMG, I forgot to take photo on that! It’s basically a design to limit the distance between your head and the screen, imagine yourself~), a chair and a fan…


Oh yeah, and a bunch of (expensive) sweets 😛

The monitor is connected to the CPU (duh!), a program called NetBeans 6.0 is run…

In this program, I coded a game, called, errrr… naming contest is on the way OK? The game is simple, VERY simple… All you need to do is sit in the tent, patiently, follow the instruction and find a virtual prey from a background! Cool leh?

Well, the not so cool part is to get 640 people to finish my first segment of the project, and another 300 people to play game from my second segment of the project…

NUS undergraduates who so suay lucky to walk by my tent are my targets, such as this young girl called OXY…


The tough part is, one person may take 2~10 minutes to finish one test, with an average of about 5 minutes… Adding the fact that I’m bad-looking, not sweet, bad in dealing with humans, not loud, not tebal (thick, guess where yourself~) etc, getting 40 people a day is like Oh-my-god-it’s-amazing!!!!! Worse, it’s exam period following by vacation period… I’m very unsure whether to wait till next semester school open to resume the survey… sigh~

It is extremely demoralizing, when you were conveniently rejected (“Errr, I think it’s OK~”) after intensive BEGGING, or when someone turned you down by saying “Oh, I’m not free” and then you see him/her wandering around you doing nothing/sitting on the table idling… Maybe this could remind me to me more friendly when someone else wants to do some surveys with me~~ My morale is badly deteriorating lately, feel free to give me counselling OK? 😉

Anyone wants to be my marketing strategist, or chief marketing executive? 😀

(I have to confess that I was facing some down period in past months, where you suddenly found yourself surrounded by mists… OK lah, excuses~)

Oh by the way, the CPU that stood outside the tent had died just last week, most probably due to a power-related problem… Rest In Peace, my 11-month-friend…

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November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

觉得不够老? 请收看晚上 10 点新闻或者中午 12 点的新闻!

记得很多年前在巴士上看午间新闻, 竟然看到我睡着! 诡异的事, 新闻的内容都是很新鲜刺激的~~

今天回家前在附近的咖啡店吃冬粉汤, 刚好电视在播 10 点新闻… 冬粉汤是清淡的有点过分了, 结果连新闻也报的轻描淡写…

播报速度太慢, 导致新闻听起来一点刺激过瘾的感觉都没有… 那也就算了…

播报员报导有关美国汽车业濒临破产而引发各国股市大跌时, 竟然好像背书那样… 日本股市跌破 8000 点, 韩国股市如何如何, 香港跌了多少点… 麻烦播报时放点感情, 报的有压迫感一点行不行? =.=  你是在报新闻, 新闻!!! 应该让人有新鲜刺激的感觉, 而不是上 Lecture 的感觉… (Lecturer 也不会讲得这么慢咯~)

感觉上, (经验老道的)播报员们好像很小心翼翼的在念稿, 要把每个字每个词都用最标准最正确最平和的方式念出来… 拜托, 新闻并不是这样报的 (少林足球 Style~)…


(你讲到酱厉害, 你来做咯!~~)

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Birthday (2)

November 10, 2008 4 comments

谢谢林老师和林老师的男友… 把我从生日寂寞无聊孤单加一个人吃大餐吃不了什么的困境只能中就出来…~~

林老师的部落格有详细照片咯… 肉骨茶加 NYDC 的 Mudpie 和 Sundae (新地?)… 吃得很饱一下… 还有就是很不好意思的让老师和男友付钱… :$  以后生日我付啦… 😛  肉骨茶还好, 还是家附近那个冯得胜好吃 (我忘记了吧生那个的味道了 OK? :P) Mudpie 除了贵, 最重要的是饱实感和好吃… 倒是没有吃到什么酒味哩~~ 话说昨天下午在实验室赶 Presentation Slide 的时候 (生日还得工作的可怜虫… 😦 ), 实验室友 (Labmate?!) 尼古拉斯同学倒了杯兰姆加冰给我~~ 又话说前天晚上学弄了 Karenne 教的 Mojito… 似模似样的咯, 除了没有黄糖没有苏打水… 😛

突然有股吃螃蟹的冲动, 这个周末回去庆祝农历生日希望老妈子会请啦… 😛

再一次谢谢老师和老师男友, 还有因为 Facebook 提醒而跟我讲生日快乐 (:P 反正我一向来都靠 Facebook 的~~) 的朋友们… 🙂



叫 Band Aid 的 Mudpie… 注意它的形状不是四方体的咯, 斜斜的~


真的很硬… 还东歪西倒的… 所以用刀咯… :$

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November 9, 2008 1 comment

Alright, I’m officially 24, arghhhh…

I remember reading from someone, if I’m not wrong is Liu Yong (刘庸), said that 24 is the most “romantic” (浪漫) period in one’s life, citing a number of artists and writers who produced their best during 24…

Ah well, If I’m to produce something “romantic”, it’s going to be one or two paper and that bloody master thesis… 😐

But seriously, other than having “romantic fun” with my Master study, the year ahead is really kind of unknown and unplanned for me. Will I get to travel to somewhere except Malaysia and Singapore (Nah, I haven’t even been to Thailand or Indonesia, except for that rather surprising summer program in Wuhan, China)? Will I get to cut like 4kg or 5kg? Will I get to survive in the “financial crisis”, which causes my monthly net savings to near zero (to be precise, near negative…)?

Wait, will I get to even publish a paper? Urghhh…


Anyway, 8th Nov is a rather good day. I got to retrieve my keys from the science canteen drink stall auntie (S$ 2.10 for 2 pieces of sandwiches!). Felt so thankful when that auntie pointing right in front of her and said “我放在这边一整天了都没有人来拿”, YAY!!! It’s great to tell my landlord not to worry about getting me new home keys~


9th Nov may not be a good day except it’s my birthday (in case you don’t know it by now~) :(. My slides for that “Realities of Marine management: Weak governance” is still zero right now, which means I’m going to spend quite some time tomorrow to come out with the slides… 😦 Plus no one is dating me for my birthday celebration… 😦 Oh well, I think I’ll go back Kuala Lumpur coming weekend. My birthday according to Chinese Lunar Calendar is on coming Friday. I’m sure my mother will treat me something big… 😛


Ahhh, I’d treated myself a baked pasta + a chocolate brownie (from the not-so-glamorous Munchie Monkey, beggar can’t be chooser OK?) just now. And I mixed Coke Lime with that bloody bland and suckie Japanese Torys whisky for myself, it was slightly above bad, but the alcohol is reaching to my blood and hence to my brain right now… Wooohoooo, wonder if I’m addicted to alcohol without even care about how does the alcohol taste like~


By the way, Rihanna seriously kicks arse in Live your life (extended version), and yeah, I’m not drunk for suddenly come out with something random like this!


Alright, I’m 24, actually I born in 10am 9th Nov 1984, which means it’s about 9~10 hours away from being really really 24… My birthday wish is really simple… I wish I can age as slow as possible, I wish my country will grow better and better, and… I wish I’ll stay drunk and don’t need to work at Sunday… LOL

And I’m not drunk!

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Bad Day

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment

7th November isn’t a good day…

Nah, it’s actually quite good when the court ordered the government to release Malaysia Today‘s chief editor Raja Petra Kamarudin. 😀

Could have been better if the court ruled that ISA is unconstitutional and hence the parliament should repeal the law as soon as possible… ah OK, I’m coming from a country where the people are beggar, beggar can’t be chooser OK?

I’m delighted and shocked at the same time by the news when I first saw Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insiders said that court order the release of RPK! Ah, it should be a good day…

No, it turns out that I might have left my keys (lab keys and home keys) somewhere in Science canteen when buying or eating breakfast. I only found out I lost my keys in something like 9pm!!!!!

What to do, pray that some kind soul picked up my keys and passed them to the canteen people, then I can get back my keys later in the morning… 😦

Anyway, the worse part is, without key, I can’t enter and leave both my home and the lab!!! Bah, it turned out I’ve got to kacau my labmate and my landlord… 😦 😦

Have been forgetting things lately… just few days ago, I left my keys in lab and walked back home, which made me spend 10 dollar cab fee…

Am I getting old?

And it took me forever to write that “not more than 1000 words” term essay.

I’m really getting old, but then my writing skill is never good to start with… 😛

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Obama wins 2008 presidential election…

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Lead in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida… Unlikely to lose lor

It’s the matter of how many majority votes~~

Update: OK lah, it’s still counting, the whatever major news agencies hasn’t call for Obama’s win… But then I say he has won, so I’m  way earlier than them OK? 😛

RCP gives a 195 vs 90 right now. With 55 from California and 11 from Washington almost confirmed grabbed by  Obama… it’s 9 votes away from the 270… 4 from Hawaii, then maybe a Florida? or a New Mexico? then yeah, he wins~

Looks like the majority votes won’t be too amazing… but I think it could be at least 300 for Obama… maybe…

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The US people are going to vote…

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment

I like to watch election, and yeah, the best ever election I’d been closely watching is definitely the one that I myself participated for the first time… 😉

Anyway, American is going to vote for new president few hours later (although a portion of them has voted~), taking over the white house from George W Bush January next year. Meanwhile, they will also decide on the person who will represent them in the US house of representative and US senates (some of the states…).

It’s Barack Obama versus John McCain. And judging from the electoral map of RealClearPolitics (brilliant site to follow US election! 🙂 ), Obama/Biden is going to rock into the white house…

Nah, It is less exciting consider the fact that I’m not American, and I’m not really fancying Obama (Great orator but kind of dodgy here and there) 😛 But still, it’s interesting to see the democrats owning the White House, the larger majority in senate (will it be 60?) and the house. I’m left after all even though I use my right hand to feed… 😛

And by the way, few states will also decide on whether or not to amend the state constitution to deny same-sex marriage… The latest 3 poll results in wikipedia shown that slightly more Californians are against the ballot, let’s hope nothing big has gone wrong…

The more you look at the democracy system in the US (not like it’s the real good model though), the more you feel sad looking at the situation in Malaysia, sigh… Long long way to go, but then hopefully we get to see brighter light in next election, like how American is going to make history by sending the first ever black man into the white house, and (hopefully) clean out the mess created by George Bush.


But then… Tomorrow is yet another FIELD DAY for me, which means I can’t really follow the result, sheesh. Will blog about this bloody FIELD WORK next time. 😉

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