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Bad Day

7th November isn’t a good day…

Nah, it’s actually quite good when the court ordered the government to release Malaysia Today‘s chief editor Raja Petra Kamarudin. 😀

Could have been better if the court ruled that ISA is unconstitutional and hence the parliament should repeal the law as soon as possible… ah OK, I’m coming from a country where the people are beggar, beggar can’t be chooser OK?

I’m delighted and shocked at the same time by the news when I first saw Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insiders said that court order the release of RPK! Ah, it should be a good day…

No, it turns out that I might have left my keys (lab keys and home keys) somewhere in Science canteen when buying or eating breakfast. I only found out I lost my keys in something like 9pm!!!!!

What to do, pray that some kind soul picked up my keys and passed them to the canteen people, then I can get back my keys later in the morning… 😦

Anyway, the worse part is, without key, I can’t enter and leave both my home and the lab!!! Bah, it turned out I’ve got to kacau my labmate and my landlord… 😦 😦

Have been forgetting things lately… just few days ago, I left my keys in lab and walked back home, which made me spend 10 dollar cab fee…

Am I getting old?

And it took me forever to write that “not more than 1000 words” term essay.

I’m really getting old, but then my writing skill is never good to start with… 😛

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