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Alright, I’m officially 24, arghhhh…

I remember reading from someone, if I’m not wrong is Liu Yong (刘庸), said that 24 is the most “romantic” (浪漫) period in one’s life, citing a number of artists and writers who produced their best during 24…

Ah well, If I’m to produce something “romantic”, it’s going to be one or two paper and that bloody master thesis… 😐

But seriously, other than having “romantic fun” with my Master study, the year ahead is really kind of unknown and unplanned for me. Will I get to travel to somewhere except Malaysia and Singapore (Nah, I haven’t even been to Thailand or Indonesia, except for that rather surprising summer program in Wuhan, China)? Will I get to cut like 4kg or 5kg? Will I get to survive in the “financial crisis”, which causes my monthly net savings to near zero (to be precise, near negative…)?

Wait, will I get to even publish a paper? Urghhh…


Anyway, 8th Nov is a rather good day. I got to retrieve my keys from the science canteen drink stall auntie (S$ 2.10 for 2 pieces of sandwiches!). Felt so thankful when that auntie pointing right in front of her and said “我放在这边一整天了都没有人来拿”, YAY!!! It’s great to tell my landlord not to worry about getting me new home keys~


9th Nov may not be a good day except it’s my birthday (in case you don’t know it by now~) :(. My slides for that “Realities of Marine management: Weak governance” is still zero right now, which means I’m going to spend quite some time tomorrow to come out with the slides… 😦 Plus no one is dating me for my birthday celebration… 😦 Oh well, I think I’ll go back Kuala Lumpur coming weekend. My birthday according to Chinese Lunar Calendar is on coming Friday. I’m sure my mother will treat me something big… 😛


Ahhh, I’d treated myself a baked pasta + a chocolate brownie (from the not-so-glamorous Munchie Monkey, beggar can’t be chooser OK?) just now. And I mixed Coke Lime with that bloody bland and suckie Japanese Torys whisky for myself, it was slightly above bad, but the alcohol is reaching to my blood and hence to my brain right now… Wooohoooo, wonder if I’m addicted to alcohol without even care about how does the alcohol taste like~


By the way, Rihanna seriously kicks arse in Live your life (extended version), and yeah, I’m not drunk for suddenly come out with something random like this!


Alright, I’m 24, actually I born in 10am 9th Nov 1984, which means it’s about 9~10 hours away from being really really 24… My birthday wish is really simple… I wish I can age as slow as possible, I wish my country will grow better and better, and… I wish I’ll stay drunk and don’t need to work at Sunday… LOL

And I’m not drunk!

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