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Super old stories (1)

January 10, 2009 1 comment

Lazy to write lazy to write lazy to write…

Anyway, some old stories to tell, an old story a day keeps anti-social-behaviour away~~

Going back KL is always costly, especially when I’m getting lazier and lazier to travel to JB Larkin terminal and decide to buy a ticket from Lavender/Jurong East/Boon Lay…

Anyway, I think I could have spent about RM800 or more during the last trip back to KL, 21/12 to 29/12, like RM100 per day… =.=

I went back from Larkin last time, but still it cost me RM 60+ for the bus ticket JB-KL… pasal kena conned about RM30, and I shall swear that I’ll never ever buy “sekarang“!

Only after the trip to Sungai Ruan I realized how close the CNY is! Like Oh my god, how come this time CNY was soooooo early!!!! I was then check through almost all buses companies that are “internet-available”, like grassland, transtar, aeroline and the tiger and air asia (I’m not advertising! NO! But then they do provide luxrious but guaranteed enjoyable buses 😛  except that two airlines~~)… and finally found the most suitable one from Nice, at the KL Old train station… RM 120, ewwwwwwwwww, OK I’ll make sure I’ll plug in my laptop and use as much electric as possible…

And KL-SG bus ticket from Datuk Michelle Yeoh aka Sri Maju cost RM40… It wasn’t more comfortable and punctual than those normal buses anyway…



This is NOT my car OK!? Even though I drive it most… It is a 6 or 7-year-old car, and still partially owned by a bank called EON bank…

Once upon a time, the car was badly hit and sent to repair (Anyone minds to enlighten me why is it called 打吗咭, pronounced as “da ma kat” in cantonese?) It cost RM600, paid by my brother’s friend… and my brother decided to also “da ma kat” some previous scars that were collectively made by several members of the family… Pay RM180 to get what you see above, and another RM700 for the paint!!!!!!!!

The car’s battery was dead, so I bought a new battery for RM155… Then me and my brother found out the whatever aircond pump was broken! The air coming out from the aircond was HOT! RM380 to change the aircond pump, RM25 for the gas… Final decision: fill the gas and pray that it will leak as slow as possible… =/

The third brake light was broken, and I was surprised and touched to pay only RM3 to repair that…

The engine wasn’t running smoothly, weird sound coming out from the engine all the time~ Also, something’s wrong with the gear box, it was often hard to push to 1st and 2nd gear… Not sure if when I’m gonna get it fix~~

RM 363! 10% of my salary! Oh well, this is the first time I spent so much money onto this car… Considered it being a loyal car to me, I guess it’s not too bad lah 😛

It is costly to drive and own a car, and even more costlier to not use your car for months!

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January 2, 2009 5 comments

Nah, the new year “celebration” was totally uneventful…

Went out at 11:55pm, 31/12/2008, and found some red dots floating at the sky near Jurong area, still got no idea what were that… are they kind of signal for help? or are they actually fireworks? LOL~

Bought six-pack from NTUC, and am drink one right now, found Carlsberg getting worse, maybe because I’d been drinking hard liquors in past few weeks. ;P

I went with my parents to Sungai Ruan, Raub last week to cha ka chap (查家宅), errr… too hard to explain, basically you give your address and birthdate + hour to someone, and that person will then tell you your house’s and personal’s fortune over the next (lunar calendar) year. My family usually does this every year during Chinese New year period, but decided to do it earlier this time because it’s less crowded~

My fortune? It’s quite true in reflecting my current situation though… I was told to work hard, concentrate and STOP PROCASTINATING!!! Kena scolded for being lazy and draggy some more… like how true can it be!

Alright, as such here’s my new year resolution:

1) Install a monkey or maybe orang utan as the 6th Malaysian Prime Minister… Oh well, not that I am capable to, but seriously, a long tailed macaque or an orang utan will be better prime minister than the BN goons…

2) Finish that DAMN fieldwork by February!!! Seriously I can’t stand the fieldwork anymore LOL~ I just want the DAMN datas for my project OK!?

3) Eh, what else? Can’t think of any right now… maybe earn more money, go more places and dive more! I mean, not diving in Singapore ok?

Ughhh… what a lousy 2009 resolution… anyway, Happy (belated, if you think it’s appropriate) New Year!

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