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Mr Toh

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

This is quite random, though it happens once in a while and the last time it happened was when I was back in home in December…

What would you do if someone called your home phone and ask, “Is Mr Toh here?” (Cantonese translation: 请问 Mr Toh 有响无?), when the house has 4 Mr Tohs (1 Papa and 3 sons), and you are one Mr Toh?

This shall be the shortest post ever in this blog to date~

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February 21, 2009 1 comment

最近在某 Blog 看到这首歌这个 Youtube clip… 想起了那部电影…

这首歌是出自 80 年代台湾电影”搭错车”… (这个是昨天听完了这首歌看完了电影片段才去找出来的资料, 我是不记得戏名了~)… 😛

不记得什么时候看过这部电影了… 好像是中学还是小学时候 TV2 还是 TV3 周日播放中文电影时段时看的… 老实说还相当佩服朋友们对多年前看过的电影印象深刻, 什么周星驰周润发的电影, 我只记得我看过, 详细剧情说什么也记不起来… 倒是这部电影留给我的印象还算满深刻的…

详细剧情就不说了, 去上面那个 Link 仔细阅读吧… 只记得当时候尾端的剧情不断在脑袋重播, 跟随父亲多年的狗狗惨死, 孤苦伶仃, 当红歌星女儿被经纪人禁锢见不得家长… 最后父亲心脏病发进了院, 隔壁邻居到演唱会把女儿叫来, 却已来不及见父亲最后一面… 或者说父亲生命中的最后一段日子, 只透过电视机看到自己辛辛苦苦养育成人的女儿…

这种带遗憾的悲情戏, 看来最能够打动我… @@

女儿最后回到演唱会… 唱了这首酒干倘卖无… 不知为何, 当时印象最深刻的是那句”没有天哪有地, 没有地哪有家, 没有家哪有你, 没有你哪有我”…~

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Super old stories (2) – Old stuff rock!!!

February 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Happy belated valentine!!! Not that I’m celebrating~~

Just found out from Facebook that Single is “Bujang” in Malay~~

Yeah, staying single is not easy hor especially when everyone (family and relatives) is bugging you “Got girlfriend or not ah?”…


Okay, I’ve got a lot of stories pending to be blogged LOL~  And it doesn’t help when busy-ness and laziness are infecting… @@

My home in KL has a number of aged item, but still working diligently. This blog post is a tribute to them~


At least 25 years old fridge! Well, that’s according to my mother and she said that it was bought from someone else who used it for couple of years!

The brand is ACMA, I doubt you can still find it in the market. Strangely, I saw this brand’s fridge everywhere in the labs in my department. If I’m not wrong my ex-lab is still using 2 ACMA fridge, and one ACMA fridge is “to be condemned” in washing area~~

Anyway, the fridge is working well, except it is too cool that the freezer is always full of ice! @@


Gas heater for bathroom! Okay, the bathroom is quite… dirty… I’m sure it looks better right now~

There was once someone went my house to use the bathroom, and shocked that we are using GAS to heat the water~~ LOL~~

Nah, having a gas heater means no worry when the cooking gas is finished 😀  I got no idea how to use this because I usually bath in cold water, I remember the previous one you’d to use lighter to start the fire @@


A said to be 29-year-old Rambutan tree @@

It fruits less nowadays, plus the fact that some creatures including that freaking @#$%^& long-tailed macaque family are happily feeding on it, I seldom have chance to eat it nowadays :(.

Just one month after this picture was taken, the whole left portion of the tree died… 😥

Eh… this is not old at all! 7 years old maybe? LOL~


 Old_WashM2 Old_WashM3

Oh, and my house owner in Dover provided me this “manual washing machine”!!! It’s Toshiba!!!

First connect the pipe to the washing machine. Dump your clothes into it and fill in the water. Wash for 15 mins (thank god there’s a timer), drain the water. Fill in water again to “rinse” for 10 mins… and then put your wet clothes to another chamber for spinning… @@

The total process took about 1 hour, which means I can pretty much do nothing within that hour… =X

God please spoil this fella so that I can enjoy new washing machine… =X

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February 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Woah long time no blog!!!!

Woah a lot of photos pending to be uploaded!!!

Woah so busy meh???!!!

No lah…

Anyway, What would you do if you accidentally applied body shampoo to your hairs for… errr, about 5 seconds?

A) Continue washing hair with body shampoo, and use hair shampoo to wash body later…

B) Rinse hair, and use hair shampoo for hair, body for body…

C) Ah-ii-Lah, just wash hair using the body shampoo lor, later use body shampoo again for body lor, what so big deal? Just a bit dry and squeaky hair only lah~~

I did B just now… Ya, I’m blur… @@ But usually (OK lah, once in more than 5 months this kind of thing will occur) I chose C…

3-in-1 shampoo really makes your hair a little bit more “moist” (oily)~~

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