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Woah long time no blog!!!!

Woah a lot of photos pending to be uploaded!!!

Woah so busy meh???!!!

No lah…

Anyway, What would you do if you accidentally applied body shampoo to your hairs for… errr, about 5 seconds?

A) Continue washing hair with body shampoo, and use hair shampoo to wash body later…

B) Rinse hair, and use hair shampoo for hair, body for body…

C) Ah-ii-Lah, just wash hair using the body shampoo lor, later use body shampoo again for body lor, what so big deal? Just a bit dry and squeaky hair only lah~~

I did B just now… Ya, I’m blur… @@ But usually (OK lah, once in more than 5 months this kind of thing will occur) I chose C…

3-in-1 shampoo really makes your hair a little bit more “moist” (oily)~~

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