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Super old stories (2) – Old stuff rock!!!

Happy belated valentine!!! Not that I’m celebrating~~

Just found out from Facebook that Single is “Bujang” in Malay~~

Yeah, staying single is not easy hor especially when everyone (family and relatives) is bugging you “Got girlfriend or not ah?”…


Okay, I’ve got a lot of stories pending to be blogged LOL~  And it doesn’t help when busy-ness and laziness are infecting… @@

My home in KL has a number of aged item, but still working diligently. This blog post is a tribute to them~


At least 25 years old fridge! Well, that’s according to my mother and she said that it was bought from someone else who used it for couple of years!

The brand is ACMA, I doubt you can still find it in the market. Strangely, I saw this brand’s fridge everywhere in the labs in my department. If I’m not wrong my ex-lab is still using 2 ACMA fridge, and one ACMA fridge is “to be condemned” in washing area~~

Anyway, the fridge is working well, except it is too cool that the freezer is always full of ice! @@


Gas heater for bathroom! Okay, the bathroom is quite… dirty… I’m sure it looks better right now~

There was once someone went my house to use the bathroom, and shocked that we are using GAS to heat the water~~ LOL~~

Nah, having a gas heater means no worry when the cooking gas is finished 😀  I got no idea how to use this because I usually bath in cold water, I remember the previous one you’d to use lighter to start the fire @@


A said to be 29-year-old Rambutan tree @@

It fruits less nowadays, plus the fact that some creatures including that freaking @#$%^& long-tailed macaque family are happily feeding on it, I seldom have chance to eat it nowadays :(.

Just one month after this picture was taken, the whole left portion of the tree died… 😥

Eh… this is not old at all! 7 years old maybe? LOL~


 Old_WashM2 Old_WashM3

Oh, and my house owner in Dover provided me this “manual washing machine”!!! It’s Toshiba!!!

First connect the pipe to the washing machine. Dump your clothes into it and fill in the water. Wash for 15 mins (thank god there’s a timer), drain the water. Fill in water again to “rinse” for 10 mins… and then put your wet clothes to another chamber for spinning… @@

The total process took about 1 hour, which means I can pretty much do nothing within that hour… =X

God please spoil this fella so that I can enjoy new washing machine… =X

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