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OK, I know it’s bloody boring topic… It seems like most of the blogs and news article and Op-Ed are talking about it…

But then I’m not an interesting person to start with… 😛


I don’t think I’ll forget that day… errr… International woman day… haha~

I remember I had to leave earlier from the Changi Biodiversity practical, and rushed all the way back to Boon Lay to catch a bus back to KL. The taxi uncle who drove me to Boon Lay was talking about Malaysian politics… “Chinese stupid la, don’t know make more babies”~~

I remember some of the passengers talking about going back to where to vote… I remember meeting few seniors from Melaka in Yong Peng, they told me that they bought ticket right after the day the parliament was dissolved.

And then, I remember my brother fetched me from the Sg. Besi Petronas station, and then went Cheras 不夜天 for… supper? Flags and posters are everywhere! And BN candidates for Bkt Bintang and Cheras are fat and ugly!!!! 😛


That was my first time voting. I remember someone written somewhere that the feeling of voting is kind of sacred… Which was true and in fact I felt proud… to do what a citizen should do 🙂

I think voting is a bit like gambling, when you put your bet of one of the team, you will enjoy the soccer match much much more… 😛

I remember friends were talking about feeling “high” for being able to “revenge” when crossing the ballot paper… I don’t know… My hands were trembling… XD

The event after that was kind of stupid. We went driving around to find for flags and posters and attached them to my bro’s Kenari… but that was after 5pm… when the voting closed… 😛

The rest of the night was filled with booze and checking results from Malaysiakini et al.


One year has passed… lots of things happened… I remember myself being quite unproductive for reading news whole day… @@

Maybe it’s like what they said… what had changed? Nothing has changed! In fact it goes even worse when politicians heck care about economic downturn but busy politicking and breaching the constitution and the doctrine of separation of power…

What had changed? The opposition leaders are still harping about having 30 frogs on hand and the federal government will change very soon, while the Perak state had fell into government-less and law-less, because of 3 frogs and a changeable lizards… and a “well-trained” state supreme…

So many things had made almost every single Malaysian feels sad and even wants to give up…


I remember the wrist bands that I bought from PT foundation said, “Never give up never forget”… I think it is extremely relevant to the country…

Maybe what the country needs, is more optimists… I like what this fella written… You can feel helpless… but as long as you work hard, and believe in change… then change will come…

American journalists Ioannis Gatsiounis, who resides in KL, written this in his book “Beyond the Veneer”…

“On a personal level, the heart has grown quite fond of Malaysia. Travelling elsewhere I soon come to miss the country’s myriad quirks, and the optimism and generosity in abundance here. So many Malaysians have opened their hearts and shared their insights with me along the journey that there is no space to thank them by name here. All of you have the power to help make Malaysia the great nation it has shown glimpses of becoming, and I look forward to celebrating that day with you”


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