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Something blog…

What makes you a _____ blogger?

What makes you a SOPO (Social and Politics) blogger? Writing politics and even expose for few years and then got elected as an MP like this guy? Writing politics and screwing those that walking in the corridors in power, and ended up kena sued like hell? Can a lawyer that gave law opinions half of the time, 1/4 of the time organizing vigils and peititions, and yet another 1/8 of the time talking about himself qualified to be a SOPO blogger? Or should it be “law blogger”?

What makes your blog a “nature blog”? A blog titled “wild shore of Singapore”? Or a blog that collates news and scientific researches and interviews about (mainly) tropical rainforests around the world?

What if you write your blog as if it’s your daily log? A diary blogger?

What if you use your blog mainly to screw people? A screw blogger?

What about a chapalang blogger like me that tends to write more about politics? 😛


I think we just love to put a tag onto something…

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