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Slumdog millionaire…

I watched the movie yesterday night!

It markets itself as “feel good movie”, and really, it made me felt good and had a good day… which basically means spending lots and lots of money… >.<

Oh well, the Tuition fee loan and computer loan repayment will be suspended starting next month, so I’m just moving a motion of thanks to Singapore government by spending more la~~ 😛

I don’t feel like reviewing it, all I can say is… Of the 8 Oscars, the only one I’ve doubt is sound mixing… Don’t know what it means actually LOL~

OK, short review, the story was great, the directing and editing and cinematography are wonderful and “fresh” to me… (I watched less than 10 movies in cinema and maybe less than 30 “engrand” movies in total)

The casts are nice to watch, either cute or nice-looking… 😛 But I really really fall in love with Freida Pinto, the “older Latika”… SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLL!



I remember reading somewhere from Malaysia-Today, there was this article talking about the diversity and racial complexity of India… Can’t find the article back though…

Anyway, the article mentioned about something like… where on earth you find an ethnic (and religion too!) minority (2% of the total population) holds one of the highest political office in a State? Well, Barack Obama pales in comparison with India’s Manmohan Singh. He’s the first Sikh Prime Minister in India, even though he’s more or less a puppet of Sonia Gandhi, the party chief of Indian National Congress… Wong Chin Huat’s said this in his article “Malaysian Obama”:

Mind you, based on the size of its population, India is the world’s largest democracy. The US is only the most powerful one. And India’s ethnic problems are certainly no less complex than those the US confronts.

Just 22 years ago, one of India’s most powerful prime ministers, Indira Gandhi, was killed by her two Sikh bodyguards after her bloody crackdown on Sikh militants. (Gandhi’s daughter-in-law still controls the ruling Congress Party.) In 2004, however, the Congress Party had no qualms in appointing a Sikh to run the country. Neither did the largest opposition party, the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), protest that the Congress Party had sold out the Hindus.

Now, if an African American had assassinated a US president in the past, could Obama have stood a chance to win the election? During the recent presidential campaign, Obama was already troubled by the "radical" views of his black pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

I know this sounds a bit random… LOL!

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