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Adoring Mongabay

Mongabay.com is my favourite blog/news site for some conservations and environmental issues…

The editor of the site is Rhett Butler, which according to him, was a major in math and economics but was fascinated the rainforest of Borneo and (kind of) henceforth started the website.

Originally the site was based around a text on tropical rainforests that I developed four year period (1996-2000), but today the site has expanded to other topics.

(Shamelessly copied from mongabay.com site, photo taken by Rhett Butler)

The site summarizes the bloody long news stories, scientific papers and reports into a post. And it often comes with nice pictures, graphs and sidenotes…

Even more adorably, it started an open access journal “Tropical Conservation Science”, which means free papers!!!! OK, there are a number of free journals out there, but still it is definitely fascinating to have one that is published by a website!

The chief benefit of publishing in an open access format is that papers are freely accessible to the public, allowing wide dissemination of research.
This point was confirmed by Gunther Eysenbach of the University of Toronto in a 2006 paper published in PLoS Biology, an open access journal. Analyzing citations in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from June-December 2004, Eysenbach found "open access articles are more immediately recognized and cited by peers than non-open access articles published in the same journal." He suggested that "open access is likely to benefit science by accelerating dissemination and uptake of research findings." [Eysenbach G (2006) Citation Advantage of Open Access Articles. PLoS Biol 4(5): e157 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0040157]

When sometimes you can’t find some papers because NUS did not subscribe to it… and when sometimes you just feel so bloody hell lazy to add that “.libproxy1.nus.edu.sg” behind that URL, open access is definitely the coolest thing ever exists on earth…

Is Rhett Butler a full time editor? He didn’t say anything about it~

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