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Preparation for open book exam…

April 30, 2009 2 comments

Key to success in open book exam…



Pictures blurred to protect my backside from getting screwed by the owner, in case he/she sees this… 😛

No, I never do this in my life…

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April 28, 2009 16 comments

Errrr, let me rant a bit first OK?

I’d finally finished the data collection phase of my project! Yay! Can’t believe this phase actually took 1 year! Talking about INEFFICIENCY!

Never mind, now I’m actually stucked with the statistics and result analysis part! The initial “brilliant” idea was to produce an 8×8 matrix with meaningful numbers… But the idea died today after a few hours of R (Probably the best ever statistics software on earth, exoticly command line! 😛 And I’m not advertising…), because the 8×8 matrix will be full of confusing unmeaningful and luen soi numbers! Gaaahhh, shall I then go for producing 16 graphs with a contour map, which is not much more intuitive…?


How sensitive are you to the graphs? And how much you care about the viewership?


I love looking at this graph, the blog stats function that wordpress provides (strange enough, blogspot doesn’t have such function!). Something weird happened at 25/04, some random and weird website read and retrieved my blog entries and shown them in the website…

Since I’m not monetizing my blog, I should not care so much about the blog’s viewership, should I? Well people say blog is personal you say whatever you want, and heck care about the reader. Perhaps I’m really sensitive to graphs, watching the graph going upward makes me feel “syok”, at least syok sendiri~~

Maybe it is important for people to have multiple blogs, like one for “public” and one as “anonymous”. Find it hard to pen down something in the blog lately, because I’ll start to think about who are my viewers, what if this and that read my posts etc… and since there are not much “kokbent” out there, it is just not hard at all to guess who I am, even if I write nothing in my “About” page right?

Not as if I’m famous~~

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Final exam…

April 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Bloody hell, the last final exam was two years ago… and I thought that’s going to be my last ever final exam in my LIFE… It’s finished anyway, not a hint of excitement like those days~ Business as usual~

Anyway, the exam once again reminded me a high school teacher. She faithfully read the script that I’m going to show you later, in each session of the mid-year exam, year-end exam and some mock exams for the 6 years of my high school life! And she probably did so for another 1 or 2 years before some other teacher took her job!

考试时间只剩下十分钟, 请监考老师填写考场报告表 (之前是出缺席表), 并将缺席的同学的姓名写下, 同时不要让同学提早离开考场…

Masa untuk peperiksaan hanya tinggal sepuluh minute sahaja. Guru pengawas diminta mengisi borang kehadiran murid, dan mencatatkan nama murid yang tidak hadir, serta jangan membenarkan murid keluar lebih awal dari bilik peperiksaan

考试时间结束, 请监考老师收回答卷, 点算清楚后亲自送交行政楼底楼教务处办公室…

(这个的马来文版不记得了啦, 因为每次都已经很兴奋的逃离考场 😛 )

Most of the time, especially Mathematics’ exam, these announcement were dreadful… 😛

For the NUS, I only vaguely remember this one,

You have 15 minutes left, you are not allowed to leave the exam hall now…

Ahha, high school days~ and perhaps it’s true that someone said 70% of a person lives in the past… haha~

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Sell Out!

April 22, 2009 1 comment

As mentioned before, I watched it yesterday! 😀

For the record, it was my first time:

  • Going to National Museum of Singapore
  • Wandering around SMU
  • Buy a ticket from SISTIC
  • Errr… some more lah… but no point listing all of them kan? 😛

OK, this is not a review… Because I’m not a cinema-goer… so can’t really comment how good or bad a film is, right?

The director is Yeo Joon Han, a Serembanian, practised law for years and decided to make a short film called “Adults only” and won the special mention in Venice film festival.

And his mother asked him after watching, “你在讲什么?” (What are you talking about?)…

So he decided to make an artsy-fartsy film, and flavoured it with comedy and musical. The movie is VERY FUN and satirical! It kind of making fun with wide range of stuff, including the artsy film and the so-called artists, it “tribute” the action movie, and feature the reality show (SMS whatever to random-number!). It has about 5 original songs hilariously inserted into the movie, some as montages, some as those typical singing dialogue.

The movie kind of reminded me those 80s 无厘头 Hong Kong comedy. The backbone story wasn’t too strong, the take home message wasn’t heavy… The movie is light-hearted (but actually towards the ending of the movie, the mood was a little different, but I was still in the mood of laughing! LOL). So I think if you are in mood of some serious dramatic story, don’t watch this… 😛  But still the movie manages to reflect a handful of issues such as corporate cultures, the dilemma of being commercial or artsy-fartsy and etc~

And the cinematography is actually good! There were one or two montages look almost like visit Malaysia commercial~~ KL under the lenses looks really interesting, and I’m missing my home already! 😀

Oh, and I kind of pity people who don’t know cantonese… The cantonese dialogues are quite fast, not enough time to catch subtitles one lor

Some people called it the best comedy from Malaysia… Well, I don’t know, not as if I’d seen any Malaysian comedy, unless you include those compulsory screenings in high school time… 😛  But seriously, maybe we really need some more comedies… Life is hard, let’s just laugh out loud! 😀

Hilarious CEOs, their scripts are the most memorable I think! XD

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Gay marriage and the non-elected institutions…

April 19, 2009 1 comment

OK, this is a very bad post in trying to relate these 2 subjects…

Well, in the US, after the Proposition 8 episode, which sees California people declined same-sex marriage, 2 more states joined Connecticut and Massachusetts in granting same-sex marriage right to gay people, namely Iowa and Vermont. All of them legalized same-sex marriage via Jurisdiction (that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional), except Vermont, through legislative process… New York governor, last Thursday, also introduced bill that legalize same-sex marriage, and well, it’s now up to the state assembly and senate to pass the law…

The constitution is there to protect the minority. When people draft laws to discriminate against minority, people turn to jurisdiction. And this is how those states in US legalize same-sex marriage by court, because the laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.

Similarly, as in the case of Vermont, even if the chief of executive aka the elected governor doesn’t like the idea of gay marriage, and even if he did veto the bill, the legislative prevailed, by overriding the veto.

Constitution is the supreme law. No one can override the constitution. Not even the elected head-of-state cum chief of administration, not even the court, not even the lawmakers. And therefore some people rallied for a constitution amendment to discriminate against the gay people, such as the proposition 8

In Prop 8 case, even if the state governor, the state legislative assembly and the state senate disagreed with it, due to 52% of the California people voted for the proposition, the words saying that marriage must be between a male and a female still inscribed in the constitution…


In Malaysia, the non-elected institution called monarchy,

  • went against constitution by telling the chief of administration that he had lost confident of assembly (How His Royal Highness know that when the assembly did not vote?)
  • went against constitution by declaring his government’s vacant
  • went against constitution by not granting audience to a legitimate chief of administration after obtaining fresh mandate from the legislative assembly.

And that institution today said that "Malay rulers are above politics." The son of His Royal Highness went on and said he will do anything to protect the institution of monarchy. Fuiyooohhh, macam orang UMNO already! Luckily he didn’t say ketuanan Melayu. And they were, just not long ago, dubbed as the MOST WELL-EDUCATED and LEARNED ROYAL FAMILY!

Another non-elected institution called Federal Court, went TOTALLY AGAINST constitution by voiding the legislative assembly’s decision:

Article 72 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia
72 (1) The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.

Alright, I don’t study law school, but then former appeal court justice NH Chan said so… and I think he’s credible enough to believe in… 🙂

So in Malaysia, the constitution does ensure the doctrine of separation of power… The constitution does protect the minority right…

But too bad, we are asking the thieves to protect our treasures, those people who sworn to God that they will protect and uphold the constitution, see the constitution as a paper towel right now…

Like what The Malaysian Insider said,

(The speaker) may have the Federal Constitution on his side but nothing else.

Sadly, in Malaysia, the Constitution is not treated with the same reverence and deference as in the United States or India.

What good are institutions which ridicule the Federal Constitution, which insult the intelligence of a more educated population and which forget that they serve at the pleasure of the rakyat.

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Buatan Malaysia!

April 19, 2009 1 comment

Not sure how true is this. But according to the blogger, the new Proton Exora has a special hook, for you to hang those tabao-ed teh tarik! Sounds cool hah?

Anyway, I’m attending Singapore International Film Festival and watch buatan Malaysia movie “Sell out!”, don’t ask me why I suddenly decided to go watch it… You know sometimes I tend to do weird things like travelling back to KL to attend a documentary screening (alone)

The reviews sounded not bad, apparently it is a (first-ever) Malaysian english comedy musical~~ Opening in Malaysia and Singapore by 7th May, let’s see if it is good… 🙂

And Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad is coming to Singapore as well… Hmmm… I guess I’m going to watch the buatan Malaysia in Singapore hahahaha~~

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Not an open letter to POL

April 18, 2009 1 comment

Dear Parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,

People were talking about how the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Abdullah Badawi’s flip-flop actions brought him down. Mr Anwar, it seems to me that you are also a flip-flop, albeit a greater one. I’m amazed by your ability to attract so many supporters, even though you’d been crying wolf ten times more than that boy.

Look at what you’ve done, within the 13 months after you lead your party to its biggest win in March 8th 2008 election:

1. You told us the BN federal government will be toppled by September 16th last year, and keep harping about having “enough numbers” of frogs. Most of your countrymen, and even your opponents believed in you. But that did not happen, you then delayed it to Sep 23rd, later to December and then to an unknown date.

2. You and your party told us that your party’s elected rep, Mr Zulkifli Nordin from Kulim-Bandar Baru, will be disciplined for going against the party principle, by being an Islamist champion, stormed and hence causing an open public forum to be suspended. 8 months have passed, nothing happens.

3. Your party former elected reps and members of executive council of Perak government, Jamaluddin and Osman, were arrested for involving in corruption act. You told us that they were trapped and the BN uses politics of intimidation. Then you introduced to us state rep from Boha, who then joined your party, believing in “new politics”. The excos jumped to “friendly to BN”, the newly acquired state rep jumped back to UMNO 1 week later.

4. You told us you were going to announce something BIG against the new prime minister Datuk Seri Naif Ton Rasa, during the by election campaign. Then you said, “The timing is not right now. It could be dangerous.”, and told us you will do so after April 7. Today is April 18th.

5. You confirmed with us that the (now no longer) state rep YB Fairus, who was the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, will REMAIN AS ASSEMBLYPERSON just LAST WEEK. Two days ago, he resigned as an ADUN.

6. You told us that you will form a shadow cabinet, or rather a shadow committee, long long time ago. So long that I don’t remember the date. Was it after you won your by-election? or maybe the one in Kuala Terrenganu? Anyway, nothing remotely “shadowy” was formed until now. Unsurprisingly, you say nothing about it ever since, albeit 4 parliamentary sessions have passed.

I know lying is needed in politics. But as “the greatest reformer on earth”, your lying is too much.

You make me wonder, where are you and your party men when something big happens in our country? It seems like many of you are always “unavailable to comment”, when big things happen!

Sometimes it makes me wonder if you are the right person to take the position of POL, who enjoys better perks than your fellow opposition MPs. Because it seems to me that you are always “not in country”, and “can’t be contacted”…

I’ll end this letter here, just for your information, my mother changed her address to Cheras constituency long long time ago, but yet she was asked to vote in Bandar Tun Razak constituency… She complaint about it, “I definitely won’t vote for BN, but I also don’t like PKR, how?” I pity her.

I only hope an Independent (definitely not BN or “friendly to BN”) candidate win the Penanti state seat in coming by-election, and that would be a good lesson to you.



A Malaysian citizen.

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