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Seriously… who fought the merdeka of The federation of Malaya?

UMNO said it was elitist UMNO and “UMNO malay”… well towkay-ist MCA said they sent the first delegation to London to negotiate for merdeka…

RPK written an excellent piece of commentary here


I grew up with a history textbook telling us that Malaysian’s independence is “bloodless”… And the UMNO-MCA-MIC alliance, which were representing the 3 main races in my country, Malay, Chinese and Indian respectively, went to London to negotiate with the Great Britain for our country’s independence…


But slowly, I read and heard more and more stories about merdeka


Malayan Communist Party (MCP, errr… I don’t think there was the term “Male Chauvinist Pig” during that time LOL) formed in 1930, already advocated for the ending of British colonial rule. They fought hard against Japanese, who conquered their land in second world war. They fought against the Brits to stop them from reclaiming the Malaya after 1945. They went into forest with guns and a mindset to free the people residing in Malaya from British control… I don’t agree with the way they “fought”, but they shed bloods for wanting an independence, Merdeka…

What about those advocated Nationalism during pre-world war II period? Many of these malay nationalists later on also formed leftist KMM, AWAS and etc, which is responsible in formation of PUTERA-AMCJA coalition later… The coalition wanted Malaya to move towards independence, rather than getting into the formation of “Federation of Malaya” which basically has nothing much different from a British colony… They even launched Hartal which was rather successful in getting workers around the Malaya to boycott…

These people are mainly workers, not those elitists rightist from UMNO, not those towkays from MCA…

Chin Peng the sec-gen of MCP, is currently exile in Thailand… The court struck out his application to reenter Malaysia and hold Malaysian identity on the basis that he could not present “proof” that he was indeed a resident and born in the Tanah Melayu

Lim Lian Geok, who as a teacher, ran around the country to get the Chinese to swear their loyalty to the King of Federation of Malaya instead of the China. He lost his citizenship after fighting the right of education in our mother language and the inclusion of 4 languages as Malayan/Malaysian’s official language… He died in 1985 without being a Malaysian citizen…


If it wasn’t the ever-growing nationalism and the tough bloody communists that always hide in the forests… Will there be a 31 Ogos 1957?

Stop fucking claim credits over the independence of my country, when the truth is it was the collective efforts of bloody millions of people residing on Malaya that achieve the independence. And stop representing me as a Chinese you bloody hell MCA fuckers, you don’t have my consent to do so.

Yes I’m very angry with this bullshit party called BN, and pardon me from being rude… just once OK?


Oh and by the way… stop fucking representing me as an NUS student you NUS cover girls and boys!

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