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No I’m not bitching about how unpredictable women are or whatever…

I found 2 interesting pictures featuring women recently…

This picture was taken during International women day… Surprisingly I didn’t see them until very recently from here… It seems like the mainstream media is rather shy in telling us about this lady receiving the 2009 International Women of Courage Award.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Department of State announces the recipients of the third annual Secretary of State’s Award for International Women of Courage. This is the only award within the Department of State that pays tribute to outstanding women leaders worldwide. It recognizes the courage and leadership shown as they struggle for social justice and human rights.

This year, the Secretary of State will pay tribute to honorees representing Afghanistan, Guatemala, Iraq, Malaysia, Niger, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Yemen. They are among over 80 exceptional women nominated by U.S. Embassies worldwide for their extraordinary work in advancing human rights.

OK the woman to the left is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the third woman secretary of state in USA, and a former first lady plus a former US senator.

The woman to the right is Michelle Obama, the current US first lady.

The woman to the center is Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, ex-Malaysian Bar Council President. She was second female Bar president, elected in March 2007 and “retired” just recently. Her profile is glowing!

Of some of the interesting things she did:

  1. Six months after assuming her leadership, she organized the “March for Justice,” in Malaysia’s administrative capital, calling for judicial reform and investigation of a “korek korek korek” tape.
  2. She successfully fought to amend Malaysia’s Federal Constitution to ensure that women’s testimony would carry equal weight to men’s in Shari’a courts.She successfully fought to amend Malaysia’s Federal Constitution to ensure that women’s testimony would carry equal weight to men’s in Shari’a courts.
  3. Dato’Ambiga has received hate mail, death threats, and had a Molotov cocktail thrown at her house. Hundreds of people from religious groups and conservative members of government have protested at the Bar Council building and called for her arrest.
  4. and etc…

Of course, she was criticised for “organizing” a function to cater the ex-Prime Minister Abdullah’s call for “judicial reform” (Formation of Judicial Appointing Commission and ex grata payment to the victims of 1988 judiciary crisis) in exchange of a federal datukship…

She was also criticised for hastily and “whole-heartedly” congratulated the appointment of an infamous Chief Justice Zaki…

Perhaps she was among the best english speaker among the recipients, she spoke on behalf of the recipients in receiving the award…


OK… I know it’s getting too long… but let’s look at another picture with 3 girls… and I shall write a little bit more in my next post OK?

This picture was taken in one of the dinner organized by BN for the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary by-election…

I’ve nothing against the 3 (hot & spicy, they say…) girls inside the picture dancing on stage and wearing sexy clothes (in the view point of a conservative)…

But I shall talk about it in next post…

But apparently a Prime Minister department minister in charge of Islamic matters said that “this is Chinese culture”…

(To be continue…)

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