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I go…

Kept listening this song for few days already… 🙂

Written and sung by Pete Teo, a Sabahan (or Sarawakian? @@) Song-writer… 😀

感觉很潇洒… I go~ 走了, 说不定不回头了… 不要想念我才好… 😉

Kawan kawan, air this song during my funeral OK?~~

OK, sounds like I’m going to die, choi~ But then like someone written in his blog… “我把日志当作遗书写下曾经的风花雪月 那一天我不在了你会看到我曾经 活过  ”…

Malay version of the song, sung by Aizat… The song sings “Kau Pergi” (You go) instead of “I go”… This song is used in Yasmin Ahmad’s newest movie “Talentime” if I’m not wrong for the dead people…

But I guess it’s still quite relevant… seeing the people who just came to your life not long ago, and soon they will be going off… some never appear in your life anymore… Somehow this feeling wasn’t that strong when I was, graduating… Hmmm… OK it was strong… but different kind of strong…

Maybe nowadays I’m alone with myself most of the time (read: vulnerable… :P), the feeling is rather overwhelming…~~

By the way talking about Yasmin Ahmad, this is her newest TVC, made for Singapore’s Ministry of Community, Youth and Sport’s pro-family campaign (read: go get marry and produce many many babies!)…

The TVC is so good, beautiful and touching (K la I did cry~~)! But then I don’t see myself making babies :P… errrmmm, I’m neither Singaporean nor Singapore PR anyway… 😛

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