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Women (2)…

Like I’d said, I’ve nothing against the girls wearing (not-really) sexy clothes and dancing on stage… I believe that everyone should just feel free to show off his/her “sexiness” or beauty, especially when they are young…

But then this happens in a dinner for a by-election… OK, the title said “Jamuan Makan Malam Perpaduan Kaum Cina DUN Kuala Sepetang” (State constituency Kuala Sepetang Chinese ethnic unity dinner)…

Some questions one may ask:

  1. What the F is Chinese ethnic unity? Did they mean Hakka, Cantonese and Hokkien in Kuala Sepetang were not unite and hence there is a need for a “Perpaduan Kaum Cina”? Or did they think that “ethnic unity” could be achieved, by telling the Chinese one thing, and the Malay and the Indian and the Iban Kadazan Dusun Orang Asli etc the other things? Oh well, that’s what Barisan Nasional has been doing in the past 50 years, no?
  2. Why sexy girls in a supposedly politically motivated “Makan Malam”? And Why sexy girls in a night for “Perpaduan Kaum Cina”?

The Prime Minister Department Minister who’s in charge of Islamic matters said, “this is Chinese culture, we must respect the Chinese…”

Sexy dance as Chinese culture? His statement drew criticisms from both political and blogging communities…

In Malaysia, a BN election function in Chinese communities is usually karaoke, singers and dancers performance, free food, lucky draw with plasma TV etc… Actually, you can get “sexy dance” in many of the Chinese dinner functions, such as “盂兰盛会”and whatever Chinese association’s anniversary, almost like a “Chinese culture”…

Maybe the Chinese do have to think deeply, why the Entertainment and Kangtao-based dinner was used for vote-wooing, and why sexy girls are everywhere in our functions, so much so that a minister can equate that as our culture!

One thing though, if a woman’s function in an election is only associated with wooing Chinese Ah Pek’s votes… I don’t think women politics will flourish in Malaysia… Let alone a woman Chief Minister like what Gerakan Chief Dr Koh fantasized

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