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Driving… and then some politics

I was driving the NUS pickup vehicle at Wednesday and Thursday… went to the town and Toa Payoh…

and I find that, actually the road system in Singapore can be quite complicated and scary, which is contrary to what I thought… I thought Singapore’s road is rather “easy” especially with all the roadsigns telling you every single road that you can go to… Well, maybe I seldom travel in Singapore LOL~

The expressway system is funny. I remember in we were trying to enter PIE from Toa Payoh… then we came to this junction, the roadsign was right on the junction, turn left to PIE (Changi Airport), turn right to PIE (Tuas)… By the time we read the roadsign, the decision time is only maybe 0.5 seconds… =.=

The same thing happens again when I enter ECP in Bugis…

Turn left to one end of Singapore, turn right to another end… sounds so philosophical… 😛

By the way, I may have already broken some of the traffic rules within these 2 days:

  1. Speeding (Not too fast lah, 90 km/h…)
  2. Listening to phone when driving (The whatever fitness guy calling me… =.=)
  3. Totally got no idea there was a red light in front of me… was too absorbed in getting my way out of that freaking Toa Payoh… @@


Oh by the way, talking about politics, it is rather amusing how some people who lost the general election get to be appointed a senator and subsequently a minister.

The members of the Senate in Malaysia consists of:

  1. 26 senators representing the states, each state assembly chooses 2 persons to become senator. The term of office is 3 years and each person can hold maximum 2 terms of office.
  2. 40 (!) senators appointed by the King, on the Prime Minister’s advice. These people, initially meant to represent wide spectrum of people, from traders to NGO, from rich to poor…

It is important that the government could appoint some experts in various field into the cabinet… These experts, who most of them are non-politician, can also offer a less partisan view in the cabinet meeting…

Now, what are the expertise of Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Ms Chew Mei Fun, who got thrashed badly in recent general election?

I would appoint a pollster or academic or management people to take the job in monitoring ministers’ performance. I would appoint a woman NGO into woman ministry…

The senate seriously needs reformation…

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