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Spicing up

You got to love this man, not necessarily his sometimes overly royalist view or the sometimes rather fake expose, but his way of spicing up the language which makes his cheong hei (quoted from his own article 😛 ) article so interesting and “readable” (OK, i’m long-article-phobic 😛 ).

Today he published an article in his own website (OK, MalaysiaToday is a news/blog website which the chief editor is him LOL~), titled “The case of the virgin prostitute”. Love the virgin prostitute and halal pork bit:

You just can’t sing about Islam and in the same breath sing about things that violate Islam. It is like claiming you are a virgin prostitute. A virgin can’t possibly be a prostitute and a prostitute can’t be a virgin if she is a prostitute.

We do not need the Internal Security Act to be reformed. It is like saying we shall now slaughter pigs and sell the meat as halal pork. Pork can never be halal even if the pigs are slaughtered by Muslims wearing white skullcaps who utter bismillah as the knife touches the jugular vein. Pork is haram, full stop, in spite of reforming the way the pig is slaughtered. And so will the Internal Security Act be haram in the eyes of Islam in spite of amending the manner and circumstances in how a police officer can detain a Malaysian without trial.

While a number of Imam or whatever Islamic academic would want to slaughter and taste his blood, I must say I learned a fair bit of Islam from this person…~~

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