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How to be myself?

I don’t know…

I’m probably one worst leading actor in my own life haha~ I seriously got no idea how to act as myself!

What would you do when people tell you that he/she doesn’t like you for being this and for doing that?

A) Heck care, I’m just living my life

B) Oh sheesh, so what should I do now, how would I change myself?

Everyone is saying just be yourself lah… Somehow I’m not known to be courageous… Shall I go tell people, I’m this and I’m that, say whatever you want!

It’s 潇洒… I always trying to make myself live like myself, and heck care about what people saying… But usually it turns out disastrous, no idea why… Funny how I believe in changing, say, the country (You know, politics haha~), and yet when it comes to changing my own life… I simply not brave enough to do so… hmmm…

Maybe I always see myself from others… So much so that I always forget to see myself from the mirror…

I mean I’m always very bothered and worried about what people say and think about me… Makes me shiver when I think about someone bitching with someone else about me being ugly stupid or whatever… It’s kind of like, well you are surrounded by EYES!!!


OK, don’t want this turns out to be cheong hei… Just take this as a loser’s rant for having no idea where he should be heading to, whether to live his own life his way (which is often not a fantastic choice 😛 ) or to live his life like what others want him to (which is often unsuccessful… fail… gagal… @@), and for god sake, he’s living as a human for almost 25 years already! OK, 24.5 years… 😛

This loser is apparently, trying every bit to deny that he’s old… hehehe~

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  1. Malcolm
    April 14, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Scew people and Live YOUR Life Man!!!!
    People are Always going to Talk due to having nothing much better to do or Dnt feel @ ease w.themselves so there only alternative is to make some one else “shiver” by yappin’!! Handle yours, copp a tunnel vision aspect to things and Focus on what ya wanna do w.your Time or tht 24.5 yrs on earth will be 30 something and still “wondering”.

  2. Malcolm
    April 14, 2009 at 12:28 am

    Listen not to Thee Yappers and Focus on Self!! Some ppl to talk about other cause there not @ ease w.themselves so choose to make others “shiver” by talking anything and everything under the sun about them! Copp a tunnel vision view on what you want to attain w.your time and Get Right before your 24.5 yrs on the planet become 30 something yrs and still left wondering and no doubt listening to others… Basically Screw People…lol
    Enjoy- pEace

  1. September 22, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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