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The newly appointed DPM said Chinese are being ungrateful.

He cannot understand why Malaysian Chinese voters continue to treat the Barisan Nasional with disdain. He cannot fathom why after tossing millions of ringgit to improve Chinese language schools, the BN lost by-elections in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau.

Sir, even if BN was paying its own money for Chinese language schools, I will still vote against you. And the money was taxpayer’s, i.e. I’m contributing part of the “millions of ringgit to improve Chinese language schools”. (Hey I still pay taxes whenever I buy McD, dining in restaurants and drinking OK even though I pay no income tax…)

You are just given the trust of rakyat (actually, it’s wakil rakyat, budget is passed by them, not me, too bad~) to manage the taxpayer’s money! And it is YOUR JOB to use the money to develop the country, to improve infrastructures, to safeguard the people’s welfare and etc! Hello, we pay you tens of thousands ringgits per month OK? (and some subsidies here and there, and then car and entertainment!)


Anyway, I swear my loyalty to the King aka Yand Di Pertuan Agong, who is right now a ruler of the state of Terrenganu as well. I, and I mean the rakyat, did not swear my loyalty to BN-led government, or even if I support DAP, I won’t swear my loyalty to the DAP-led (if any 😛 ) government as well! So sir, the fact that I dislike you and your party and your government, does not mean I don’t like my country!


I just hope someone, the “much respected” ex-Lord President and the state ruler of the state not too far north from my hometown, would read this story about mornachists in Thailand… I still like the institution of monarchy, but only when it behaves correctly. An institution of monarchy that plays politics, like the one in Thailand, is more or less similar to a corrupted government, like Malaysian’s federal government…

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