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I remember in my first year of senior high school, my form teacher told us that she doesn’t celebrate Deepavali, or Thaiphusam because she’s not a Hindu. She’s a Sikh, i.e. a person who professes the religion of Sikhism, and Sikh celebrates new year at 14th April… It’s called Vaisakhi, or Baisakhi…

The origins of Sikhism lie in the teachings of Guru Nanak and his successors. Nanak disapproved of many religious beliefs and practices of his time. The essence of Sikh teaching is summed up by Nanak in these words: "Realisation of Truth is higher than all else. Higher still is truthful living” Sikhism believes in equality of all humans and rejects discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, and sex. Sikhism also does not attach any importance to asceticism as a means to attain salvation, but stresses on the need of leading life as a householder.

It’s actually the fifth biggest religion out there!

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