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Not an open letter to POL

Dear Parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,

People were talking about how the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Abdullah Badawi’s flip-flop actions brought him down. Mr Anwar, it seems to me that you are also a flip-flop, albeit a greater one. I’m amazed by your ability to attract so many supporters, even though you’d been crying wolf ten times more than that boy.

Look at what you’ve done, within the 13 months after you lead your party to its biggest win in March 8th 2008 election:

1. You told us the BN federal government will be toppled by September 16th last year, and keep harping about having “enough numbers” of frogs. Most of your countrymen, and even your opponents believed in you. But that did not happen, you then delayed it to Sep 23rd, later to December and then to an unknown date.

2. You and your party told us that your party’s elected rep, Mr Zulkifli Nordin from Kulim-Bandar Baru, will be disciplined for going against the party principle, by being an Islamist champion, stormed and hence causing an open public forum to be suspended. 8 months have passed, nothing happens.

3. Your party former elected reps and members of executive council of Perak government, Jamaluddin and Osman, were arrested for involving in corruption act. You told us that they were trapped and the BN uses politics of intimidation. Then you introduced to us state rep from Boha, who then joined your party, believing in “new politics”. The excos jumped to “friendly to BN”, the newly acquired state rep jumped back to UMNO 1 week later.

4. You told us you were going to announce something BIG against the new prime minister Datuk Seri Naif Ton Rasa, during the by election campaign. Then you said, “The timing is not right now. It could be dangerous.”, and told us you will do so after April 7. Today is April 18th.

5. You confirmed with us that the (now no longer) state rep YB Fairus, who was the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, will REMAIN AS ASSEMBLYPERSON just LAST WEEK. Two days ago, he resigned as an ADUN.

6. You told us that you will form a shadow cabinet, or rather a shadow committee, long long time ago. So long that I don’t remember the date. Was it after you won your by-election? or maybe the one in Kuala Terrenganu? Anyway, nothing remotely “shadowy” was formed until now. Unsurprisingly, you say nothing about it ever since, albeit 4 parliamentary sessions have passed.

I know lying is needed in politics. But as “the greatest reformer on earth”, your lying is too much.

You make me wonder, where are you and your party men when something big happens in our country? It seems like many of you are always “unavailable to comment”, when big things happen!

Sometimes it makes me wonder if you are the right person to take the position of POL, who enjoys better perks than your fellow opposition MPs. Because it seems to me that you are always “not in country”, and “can’t be contacted”…

I’ll end this letter here, just for your information, my mother changed her address to Cheras constituency long long time ago, but yet she was asked to vote in Bandar Tun Razak constituency… She complaint about it, “I definitely won’t vote for BN, but I also don’t like PKR, how?” I pity her.

I only hope an Independent (definitely not BN or “friendly to BN”) candidate win the Penanti state seat in coming by-election, and that would be a good lesson to you.



A Malaysian citizen.

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  1. April 19, 2009 at 9:15 am

    Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!

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