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Sell Out!

As mentioned before, I watched it yesterday! 😀

For the record, it was my first time:

  • Going to National Museum of Singapore
  • Wandering around SMU
  • Buy a ticket from SISTIC
  • Errr… some more lah… but no point listing all of them kan? 😛

OK, this is not a review… Because I’m not a cinema-goer… so can’t really comment how good or bad a film is, right?

The director is Yeo Joon Han, a Serembanian, practised law for years and decided to make a short film called “Adults only” and won the special mention in Venice film festival.

And his mother asked him after watching, “你在讲什么?” (What are you talking about?)…

So he decided to make an artsy-fartsy film, and flavoured it with comedy and musical. The movie is VERY FUN and satirical! It kind of making fun with wide range of stuff, including the artsy film and the so-called artists, it “tribute” the action movie, and feature the reality show (SMS whatever to random-number!). It has about 5 original songs hilariously inserted into the movie, some as montages, some as those typical singing dialogue.

The movie kind of reminded me those 80s 无厘头 Hong Kong comedy. The backbone story wasn’t too strong, the take home message wasn’t heavy… The movie is light-hearted (but actually towards the ending of the movie, the mood was a little different, but I was still in the mood of laughing! LOL). So I think if you are in mood of some serious dramatic story, don’t watch this… 😛  But still the movie manages to reflect a handful of issues such as corporate cultures, the dilemma of being commercial or artsy-fartsy and etc~

And the cinematography is actually good! There were one or two montages look almost like visit Malaysia commercial~~ KL under the lenses looks really interesting, and I’m missing my home already! 😀

Oh, and I kind of pity people who don’t know cantonese… The cantonese dialogues are quite fast, not enough time to catch subtitles one lor

Some people called it the best comedy from Malaysia… Well, I don’t know, not as if I’d seen any Malaysian comedy, unless you include those compulsory screenings in high school time… 😛  But seriously, maybe we really need some more comedies… Life is hard, let’s just laugh out loud! 😀

Hilarious CEOs, their scripts are the most memorable I think! XD

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