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Final exam…

Bloody hell, the last final exam was two years ago… and I thought that’s going to be my last ever final exam in my LIFE… It’s finished anyway, not a hint of excitement like those days~ Business as usual~

Anyway, the exam once again reminded me a high school teacher. She faithfully read the script that I’m going to show you later, in each session of the mid-year exam, year-end exam and some mock exams for the 6 years of my high school life! And she probably did so for another 1 or 2 years before some other teacher took her job!

考试时间只剩下十分钟, 请监考老师填写考场报告表 (之前是出缺席表), 并将缺席的同学的姓名写下, 同时不要让同学提早离开考场…

Masa untuk peperiksaan hanya tinggal sepuluh minute sahaja. Guru pengawas diminta mengisi borang kehadiran murid, dan mencatatkan nama murid yang tidak hadir, serta jangan membenarkan murid keluar lebih awal dari bilik peperiksaan

考试时间结束, 请监考老师收回答卷, 点算清楚后亲自送交行政楼底楼教务处办公室…

(这个的马来文版不记得了啦, 因为每次都已经很兴奋的逃离考场 😛 )

Most of the time, especially Mathematics’ exam, these announcement were dreadful… 😛

For the NUS, I only vaguely remember this one,

You have 15 minutes left, you are not allowed to leave the exam hall now…

Ahha, high school days~ and perhaps it’s true that someone said 70% of a person lives in the past… haha~

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