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Sleep naked…

May 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Read merdekareview’s report on Penanti By-election recently… Basically one of the independent candidate Ms Aminah Abdullah invited some of her ex-comrades (They were all PKR members) in one ceramah.

拉兹甚至在演说中提到雪兰莪武吉兰樟(Bukit Lanjan)州议员黄洁冰的私密照外流事件,他说:“裸睡是很恶心的事。”不过现场群众没有任何明显情绪反应。

One of the speaker, Radzi mentioned about member of Selangor state legislative assembly from Bukit Lanjan, Ms. Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos scandals. He said "Sleeping naked is disgusting…". People attending the talk did not show significant respond towards these words…

To be fair, Radzi wasn’t the only person saying such thing… Selangor state assembly opposition leader Khir Toyol and MCA’s sei zeng zong (the only one alive) in the house Wong Koon Mun also said similar things before…

Ah shit… I didn’t know I do disgusting thing every night!

One wonders if they have sex with clothes on…

Sick of these so called moral guards~~

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May 30, 2009 Leave a comment


Ugh, phone cam sux, basically it says… BE AHEAD OF YOUR SCHOOL SYLLABUS AND PEERS THIS HOLIDAY!

Oh… for one split second I thought I saw… BEHEAD!

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Lady Gaga @ Ellen

May 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Lady Gaga rocks!!!!!

OK this is quite yesterday, but seriously… Lady Gaga’s Poker face in Ellen was great!!!!! Say whatever you like… 😛


Oh by the way, don’t you feel annoying everytime Youtube tells you “This video is not available in your country”… Grrrrrrr…

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Some left some stay…

May 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Woohoo, gotta love The Malaysian Insider sometimes, no matter who its big boss is!

Not long ago I blogged about how some Malaysian people bitched about how sorry the state of Malaysia is, and how some people say he or she want to migrate lah, apply for citizenship of the holy glory Republic of Singapore and etc.

And then not long ago, TMI posted “breaking views” from George CN Lee, about “Why we had to leave”. Basically George Lee told us about how bad Malaysia is, econ-so-po-ly (Totally new word created by me, which is a short form of “economically, socially and politically”, quote me… 😛 ), and how henceforth he and family/friend had to leave the country to Austrailia (down under) for good.

A day later, a “proud Malaysian” Derrick Chan, who possesses same skin colour as George Lee, written to TMI and told George Lee, “Don’t extinguish the Malaysian Dream”. He thought that George Lee’s view was too pessimistic and in one another way, it sounded like Lee was encouraging the Malaysian people to "join the bright side”. He said Lee had "offered no solution", and "refuses to be part of the solution". While some part of his rebuttal would be too strong-worded and often defensive such as “He complains about Malaysia even after calling somewhere else home.” (Which is not quite true as everyone has his/her right to dislike your country)… Some of the words that he written however, are quite interesting, I and feel like quoting it here:

Home is an institution. It is unlike a house. A house is merely a structure with 4 walls and a roof over it. I must say that Malaysia as my home is still an institution. It has not been reduced to a house.  Malaysia was a good home to all of us. […]

However, for Malaysia to maintain its homely status, it needs housekeeping. And housekeeping is every Malaysian citizen’s duty.[…]

It was not until all of us Malaysians started to be complacent and left the duties of housekeeping to a few people. The Malaysians who became complacent started not to care. This contributed to the infamous tidak apa attitude that still prevails in Malaysia.[…]

Every Malaysian is given a broom by right. That broom is to clean up our home. It is to keep it neat and tidy. However, the sad thing is that many Malaysians have never lifted that broom. They’ve assumed that it’s better to flee to countries as if they don’t have housekeeping duties there.[…]

Chan argued that “[George Lee] didn’t bother lifting up the broom to tidy our home”… I’m not quite sure but, for George Lee to pen down such a long article, I believe he must still fond of the country…


Anyway, just wondering out loud… How could a Malaysian, who is studying in Singapore, do the “housekeeping duties”? Somehow, sitting in front of a computer blogging is in my opinion, quite useless… especially when you are nowhere near a superstar… 😛

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What are you censoring…

May 29, 2009 1 comment

in this song…

Ugh, the story was, this morning I was driving to Sentosa, and heard this song in the radio…

So in the middle of the song, Ne-Yo started singing… “I used to be commander and chief, of my pimp ship flyin high (flyin high)”…

Manatau (Who knows), and the Ne-Yo sung “of my pim… flyin high~” instead…

What are you censoring? “Pimp”? or “Ship”? 😮

Takkan (Cannot be that) they think “ship” in the song was “shit”…


Oh, once again… nice song… 😀

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Picture of… the day?

May 26, 2009 Leave a comment

(Photo source: The Malaysian Insider, with caption: Job well done mate, we got another one… Police appear to be congratulating themselves on arresting Jalong assemblyman Leong Mee Meng. – Picture by Shannon Teoh)

I like Malaysian Insider’s photos sections, although most of the time they put up photos from Reuters or AFP or whatever… Today, the “Performance Now” police once again are out in catching legitimate elected representatives, over Pakatan Rakyat’s “fasting protest”… I personally don’t think fasting protest works in Malaysia, in opposing BN, but that’s another story…

Funny someone actually commented that, if you wanna buy a house, and safety is your main concern, buy somewhere near a DAP office… 😀

As for this picture and the caption, it kinda reminds me someone’s comment, that it seems the police have an internal competition, to see if who catches most number of elected reps… and those who lose shall treat~

Criminal? What criminal?

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Of the Twitter…

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I can’t really appreciate twitter… even when some would have already flooded their facebook status with twitter update…

I mean, it’s just some kind of “live update” with 140 max-character-text right? What’s the big deal…


But then one day the Malaysian Insider twitter this photo

Ughhh… a 67 or 68 or 69 years old man was using his 3g mobile phone to update his twitter…

OK lah, he’s politician mah, rich enough to buy a 3g mobile phone and sign 3g mobile phone plan, and as a politician he sure got a lot of things to say everyday right? So twitter is good for him loh… 😛

As for the poor me, one best thing about twitter is to subscribe to his and some news portal’s twitters, and if I wasn’t in front of computer, I can still use GPRS to access to twitter for news update! Since twitter in GPRS is all-text, it saves money and time (for loading)!

They say has SMS update function… Ughh… but I don’t really bother lah… 😛


Oh… and seriously… 140 characters are like nothing! Hence the updates are sometimes in ridiculous short form, without spacing somemore… =.=


Ahh hmm, I was trying to teach my father to use computer… but maybe the time was too short, and perhaps my “language” was a bit too young for pa… tak jadi lah~~ @@

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