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I believe in the mixture of Buddhism-Taoism. But as I come from a country with Islam as its official religion, I get to learn a little bit about Islam. And because Christianity is everywhere, even in many of the blogs, I learned a little about them as well…

Two days ago, Yusseri Yusoff written an article in The Malaysian Insider, with a catchy title, “They will all go to hell, but you might end up joining them”.

In short, A man who used to believe in Hinduism, suddenly decided to convert to believe in the Almighty God, Allah. He then decided to convert all his children to muslims. His wife was horrified! His wife knows nothing about the conversions, and her one-year-old daughter who was still breast-fed was snatched by her husband!

Again, to cut short, the Federal Constitution of Malaysia gives both father and mother equal position, as “guardian” of a child, letting a father to decide the religion of a child would suppressed a mother’s constitutional right over her child… i.e. unless the parents agreed on the conversion, it appears that the law governing the religion conversion of a child is somewhat confusing, because that piece of law uses “parent”, without the “s”.

And of course constitution prevails!

Some of the religious bigots however started to imply that, once a parent is a muslim, his/her children should also be muslims, i.e. when one converted to Islam, his/her status prevails his/her spouse’s!

Islam, according to some, does not assume supremacy over the others, and Allah would not accept anyone to be superior over the others.

My God is better than yours.


In Singapore, a group of women, who essentially belong to a church which sees homosexuality as the biggest sin ever, took over the leadership of a prominent woman group, AWARE.

They took over by getting the “sisters” to sign up for memberships prior to the AGM, and then get them to attend a usually-low-attendance AGM. (The AGM was held just 2 blocks away from my house! Its HDB block mind you!)

The leadership said that AWARE has over the year swayed away from its initial aims and objectives and spirits, and would occasionally “promote lesbianism”… (eh, the AWARE saga is too much, go read up yourself k? Google!)

You must believe in what I believe. In the name of God, non-believers shall be eliminated or rehab (by infection)! (The infection bit sounds familiar kan? Filthy MCA…)


They the non-believers will all go to hell, but you might end up joining them.

I will go to hell, but I would love to have these bigots, narrow-minded stupid *toot*s to come with me to the hell.

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