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Stray dogs in Pulau Ketam…

I think the veteran blogger cum great photographer cum the dog-saver TV Smith has covered every aspect of the story here

And if you are lazy, and just want to read the main mesej, read this

Basically in an island called Pulau Ketam, in the state of Selangor, lies a chinese fishing village. The stray dogs were roaming everywhere on the island, and to some extent affected the live of the villagers.

The villagers captured them, and sent them to one mangrove island nearby…

Stray dog is domesticated dog, who perhaps knows nothing about surviving in the wild. The fact that mangrove is not these domesticated dogs natural habitat, which means the dogs would not know how to catch and feed in the mangrove, even though mangrove probably has abundant foods.

TV Smith observed that the hungry dogs cannibalize on those which did not manage to survive. Some of them tried swimming to nearby kelong, but would only be chased and died in the middle of swimming.

Scrawny dog…



Photos by TV Smith. Read even more here

Seriously, I do not have pet, I don’t think I’ve enough love (and effort lah) to spare… And I definitely think that people who could not manage their pets properly, should just keep off the dogs and cats and whatnot. By manage, I mean treating them as, well, pets, feed them properly, and control their population by perhaps neutering them etc. (Errr, the same is applicable to babies, I mean humans as well. 😛 )

Captive animals could not stay well in wild condition, so please think before adopting a (wild) animal as your pet. And no, it won’t give you good karma by “releasing” captive animals into the wild (like, bullfrog, the American one especially.), you are just either killing them softly… or worse, you would introduce invasive animals into the nature environment, killing off the native species…

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