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Lawyers and judiciary

While the political scene in Malaysia is not going any better, it still reasonably makes you feel great, for at least one second seeing the lawyers chirping~

Malaysian Bar Council called for an Extraordinary General Meeting this afternoon, first general meeting chaired by new president Ragunath Kesavan.

The EGM was called following the arrest of five Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre (KL LAC) lawyers at Brickfields police station last Thursday evening.  The five lawyers […] were arrested when they tried to gain access to their clients who had themselves been arrested earlier that evening, for participating in a candlelight vigil in support of arrested political scientist Wong Chin Huat.

The law ensures the arrested person’s right to get access to the lawyers, and hence the lawyers to gain access to their clients who get arrested.

Can police then detain the lawyers? Like, can a police detain a doctor who is helping out with his patients?

Right after the incident, bar council called for a demonstration in KL court complex, which was attended by 200+ lawyers.


Malaysian bar council has 13000 members! Lawyers Art Harun asked, Is The Malaysian Bar Pathetic?

200? What crap! A disgrace no less! If this had happened in India or Pakistan, thousands of lawyers would have come! And who came? The usual suspect of course. Tuan Hj Sulaiman Abdullah, Malik Imtiaz, Ranjit Singh, Amer Hamzah, Ambiga et al. The others I suppose were very busy attending to clients and stuffs! What nonsense! […]

I wonder how many lawyers will turn out. 500? 600? Pathetic if that is going to be the case. Five of our brothers and sisters were arrested and 600 turn out. Almost comical.

The EGM was attended by 1400+ lawyers, a minimum quorum is 500. Not bad if you compared to the Walk of Justice at 2007, which was attended by 2000+ lawyers!

And yes, Minister, IGP, the police officers, go away!


But the judiciary continues to fall, lower and lower each day…

Lawyer Edmund Bon asked, why until now there’s no written judgement on few cases of the Perak crisis from the FEDERAL COURT, while the HIGH COURT judge already written 2 judgements on MB vs MB case?

And then, the people like me also want to ask, why the fake MB was granted a confusing “stay” order within 4 hours, while legitimate MB Nizar’s appeal against the “stay” order took, initially 5 days and now 8 days to be heard in the Court of Appeal?

As a state legislative assembly election materialised one day later, the public confidence towards judiciary goes lower, the public hatred and distrust towards ruling government will be stronger, the public respect towards the institution of monarchy further tumbles…

And then we see a state collapses…

But people get more agitated, more concerned when someone dies, don’t they? Maybe then it would be a good restart~

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