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Good luck to you then…

Penang Senator-designate Tunku Aziz written a good piece of opinion about May 13 (A google search on “May 13” returned this wikipedia entry as first item).

I think many people had written about May 13, and I fully subscribe to the general view that “let not the spectre of May 13 continues to haunt us”. It was these words in Tunku Aziz’s article that make me feel like blogging:

Fair weather Malaysians can uproot themselves and have the best of Australia and Malaysia, for example. Good luck to them.
I am more concerned about the rest of us, Malaysians, who will be here through good and bad times either by choice or through force of circumstances.

It is surprisingly familiar, I remember once I was in Dong Jiao Zong chatting with the then executive director Mr. 莫泰熙 (can’t seem to find his english name LOL~), he gave his opinion on the importance of Malaysian speaking for Malaysian, which is similar to this:

If you choose to cease concerns about the live of Malaysian people, or even change your nationality or whatever, then I won’t even bother to get you to help us, I can only say good luck to you.

Being a Malaysian studying and (in the future) working in (somewhat superior) Singapore, I often come across questions (from Malaysians) like “So you are going to stay in Singapore la hor? No need come back lah…”, or “Will you be going back Malaysia then?”, and if your answer is “yes” then they will usually ridicule you and response like “Aiyor, why bother to go back, the salary there is low, politics and government are sucks yada yada yada”…

Quite often than not, you hear Malaysians in Singapore complain about things like “Aiya, Malaysia no hope one lah…” and then sometimes followed by some rather racist statements…

When I went back KL to vote in the general election last year, I’d to deal with tiring questions like “Eh, why bother to go back vote? No use one lah… your vote won’t change anything” or “Eh voting is not compulsory right? Why bother to go back? So tiring!”


I think that’s why I remember when Ms Lim once chatting in MSN talking about how she heard 2 of her friends wanting to convert their nationality to Singaporean (due to the sore political scene in Malaysia), I wrote something like this:

go lor, not that I’m very bothered by losing them, not that they vote as a citizen of malaysia anyway, they probably are not registered voter at the first place…

For some people, they can afford to run away from the “inferior” Malaysia, go wherever they like and settle over there…

To me, I’m more concerned, like what Tunku Aziz said, about most of the people who are still residing, cari rezeki (finding livelihood) in Malaysia. They included my loved ones (Don’t think too much, I mean my family 😉 ), my friends and relatives and etc… I may be enjoying my supposedly “superior” lifestyle (As a matter of fact, I’m a very poor student instead 😛 ) in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean my fellow Malaysians, my friends and families are not “suffering”…

If Malaysian doesn’t help Malaysian, who else will?

No one can stop others from being an escapist, i.e. running away from the “inferior” home country and seeking for a better paradise. I say good on you if you choose to do so. But please do not install your sets of values to me…


Yeah call me stupid, call me dreamer, call me whatever, the world is going to end anyway, I might as well get myself be part of the change that will one day come to my home country or die seeing the earth explodes~~

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