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Cyanide (2)

I blogged about dangerous practice of cyanide mining in Bukit Koman, Raub before…

Chong Sow Pin, who is a treasurer for ad hoc Action Committee Against the Use of Cyanide in the mining operations and died “mysteriously” early this month, left this letter, as copied from blogger Leng Kek Mun’s blog entry:


“为了坚持真理和公义,不怕强权。资料显示,使用山埃采金等于使用化武,再过十年二十年后,一切生态、植物、动物肯定会基因变化,后患无穷。彭亨州政府滥权舞弊,变成法律灰色,残酷无情。我知道他们会使用‘邪恶等于正义’的言论来为(维)护(山埃无毒)误导村民,为了将来咱们没有内疚降低下一代的痛苦,疾病。‘反山埃委员会’已经作最坏的打 算,‘牺牲’。假如我们不幸牺牲,不必为我们难过,为下一代着想,你们抗战到底,抗战到底。”

张少平 3/3/2007

Feeling rather distracted, and sad reading this letter.

What can an ordinary citizen, a villager do, when someone decided without even informing you to launch a proven to be life-threatening cyanide mining operation just next door to you?

Bear in mind that there were no prior discussion, no prior dialogues whatsoever regarding the mining project. Nor the authority could answer if there’s any check and balance mechanism put into the project to ensure the health and safety of the villagers…

Just what can you do, if you are one of them?

Chong said, “The committee prepared for the worst, to sacrifice. If we are sacrificed, please do not feel sad for us. For our next generation, you should keep on fighting, fight till the very end”.

Just how many people nowadays could write this letter, and pledge for their homeland’s welfare and safety? And how many of these people would end up become our leaders?

I’m not sure how educated Chong is, what I do see is, many of those well-educated so called “leaders” ended up apple polishing those who walk in the corridor of power… and would sell their soul and conscience to them…

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