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RPK posted an entry today, he said:

From time to time we hear stories about the Malaysian judiciary that make the prostitutes operating in Jalan Alor look like Mother Teresa by comparison.

I think this is an excellent statement in telling us the professionalism of our judiciary system…

Just how credible it is, for 3 appeal court judges to overturn a 78-page long grounds of judgement with 5-minute-reading? When the high court judge read his judgement, it should be at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes long!

As for the police, they arrested and later on remanded (with the help of a professional judge!) 16 human beings including elected rep for wearing black shirt and holding candles!

(Strangely, we don’t see anyone condemning the police’s act on this, no NGO, no bar council no etc…)

Today, they raid the long time opposition party DAP’s HQ, first time in the party’s 42 years of history…

Gobind said that he asked ASP Kamal to let him under which provision of law that the search was conducted. ASP Kamal said at first he is conducting the search under Police Act, but Gobind rebutted that Police Act has no relation with such police search. ASP Kamal then called his colleague and was later told that the search was conducted under Printing and Publication Act (PPPA).

“Under Section 16 of PPPA, there is a requirement of search warrant but the police who conduct the search did not produce any search warrant and this had intruded civilians’ privacy,” Gobind said.

Ughhh… So what will you do, if one day someone knock on your door, and tell you that he wants to search your house, and take something out…

Da kip (Robbery) ahhhhh!!!!!

Such are the professionalism of law-enforcer plus civil servant of my country…

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