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Of the Twitter…

I can’t really appreciate twitter… even when some would have already flooded their facebook status with twitter update…

I mean, it’s just some kind of “live update” with 140 max-character-text right? What’s the big deal…


But then one day the Malaysian Insider twitter this photo

Ughhh… a 67 or 68 or 69 years old man was using his 3g mobile phone to update his twitter…

OK lah, he’s politician mah, rich enough to buy a 3g mobile phone and sign 3g mobile phone plan, and as a politician he sure got a lot of things to say everyday right? So twitter is good for him loh… 😛

As for the poor me, one best thing about twitter is to subscribe to his and some news portal’s twitters, and if I wasn’t in front of computer, I can still use GPRS to access to twitter for news update! Since twitter in GPRS is all-text, it saves money and time (for loading)!

They say twitter.sg has SMS update function… Ughh… but I don’t really bother lah… 😛


Oh… and seriously… 140 characters are like nothing! Hence the updates are sometimes in ridiculous short form, without spacing somemore… =.=


Ahh hmm, I was trying to teach my father to use computer… but maybe the time was too short, and perhaps my “language” was a bit too young for pa… tak jadi lah~~ @@

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