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Some left some stay…

Woohoo, gotta love The Malaysian Insider sometimes, no matter who its big boss is!

Not long ago I blogged about how some Malaysian people bitched about how sorry the state of Malaysia is, and how some people say he or she want to migrate lah, apply for citizenship of the holy glory Republic of Singapore and etc.

And then not long ago, TMI posted “breaking views” from George CN Lee, about “Why we had to leave”. Basically George Lee told us about how bad Malaysia is, econ-so-po-ly (Totally new word created by me, which is a short form of “economically, socially and politically”, quote me… 😛 ), and how henceforth he and family/friend had to leave the country to Austrailia (down under) for good.

A day later, a “proud Malaysian” Derrick Chan, who possesses same skin colour as George Lee, written to TMI and told George Lee, “Don’t extinguish the Malaysian Dream”. He thought that George Lee’s view was too pessimistic and in one another way, it sounded like Lee was encouraging the Malaysian people to "join the bright side”. He said Lee had "offered no solution", and "refuses to be part of the solution". While some part of his rebuttal would be too strong-worded and often defensive such as “He complains about Malaysia even after calling somewhere else home.” (Which is not quite true as everyone has his/her right to dislike your country)… Some of the words that he written however, are quite interesting, I and feel like quoting it here:

Home is an institution. It is unlike a house. A house is merely a structure with 4 walls and a roof over it. I must say that Malaysia as my home is still an institution. It has not been reduced to a house.  Malaysia was a good home to all of us. […]

However, for Malaysia to maintain its homely status, it needs housekeeping. And housekeeping is every Malaysian citizen’s duty.[…]

It was not until all of us Malaysians started to be complacent and left the duties of housekeeping to a few people. The Malaysians who became complacent started not to care. This contributed to the infamous tidak apa attitude that still prevails in Malaysia.[…]

Every Malaysian is given a broom by right. That broom is to clean up our home. It is to keep it neat and tidy. However, the sad thing is that many Malaysians have never lifted that broom. They’ve assumed that it’s better to flee to countries as if they don’t have housekeeping duties there.[…]

Chan argued that “[George Lee] didn’t bother lifting up the broom to tidy our home”… I’m not quite sure but, for George Lee to pen down such a long article, I believe he must still fond of the country…


Anyway, just wondering out loud… How could a Malaysian, who is studying in Singapore, do the “housekeeping duties”? Somehow, sitting in front of a computer blogging is in my opinion, quite useless… especially when you are nowhere near a superstar… 😛

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