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Sleep naked…

Read merdekareview’s report on Penanti By-election recently… Basically one of the independent candidate Ms Aminah Abdullah invited some of her ex-comrades (They were all PKR members) in one ceramah.

拉兹甚至在演说中提到雪兰莪武吉兰樟(Bukit Lanjan)州议员黄洁冰的私密照外流事件,他说:“裸睡是很恶心的事。”不过现场群众没有任何明显情绪反应。

One of the speaker, Radzi mentioned about member of Selangor state legislative assembly from Bukit Lanjan, Ms. Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos scandals. He said "Sleeping naked is disgusting…". People attending the talk did not show significant respond towards these words…

To be fair, Radzi wasn’t the only person saying such thing… Selangor state assembly opposition leader Khir Toyol and MCA’s sei zeng zong (the only one alive) in the house Wong Koon Mun also said similar things before…

Ah shit… I didn’t know I do disgusting thing every night!

One wonders if they have sex with clothes on…

Sick of these so called moral guards~~

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