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Boobs on fire

June 30, 2009 1 comment


Really boobs on fire… But then she’s Lady Gaga~~

(I know I’m kind of slow… but still…)


(Feel like writing something… but don’t know what to write… so…)

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Third bridge?

June 21, 2009 1 comment


Applause to Malaysiakini for using third link instead of third bridge… Right now Malaysia has 1 causeway and 1 bridge connecting Singapore, so the possible third link is only second bridge… as pointed out by someone… 🙂

As I’m depoliticising my blog, I’ll keep this short:

1. Freak, everyone is using Johor Causeway because it is the SHORTEST possible way to enter JB town, and it is also nearer to Singapore town area! Have any politician really go and pay a visit to the Johor Causeway to witness how CONGESTED the causeway is?

2. We need a link right beside Causeway, to ease the congestion. OK, best if an MRT/LRT connection.

3. Second link is EXPENSIVE, FAR, and super under-utilized, because it brings you to NOWHERE! Ok, it’s kind of close to Gelang Patah… but there is no way you want to drive god-know-how-long more to go JB city!

4. Building a bridge connecting Changi airport and Pengerang/Desaru? And on top of that, the bridge itself is like 3 times or 4 times longer than the second link? WHO THE HELL is gonna use it? Even cargoes from east coast Malaysia won’t take this route!

I really don’t know who mooted this idea, but one thing for sure, someone told me that ever since the new JB custom opened, travelling between JB and Singapore gets harder! You can no longer walk from Singapore to JB because it’ll be at least another 1.5km distance for you to reach the JB custom! and even worse, it is ILLEGAL!!!! The road linking towards JB custom is two-lane!!!! OMG, it used to be what? 4 lanes? and it was still congested!!!!

The someone said, he nowadays drive back to JB only at 1am, or he’ll be stucked in traffic jam!

And lastly… JB custom is apparently managed by whatever health and fitness promotion board nowadays! Inside the custom building, you now need to walk in a crazy maze… which could be about 400m walk INSIDE THE BUILDING itself before you can go wherever you want!!!!

The only better thing about the custom is, you now need to get your passport scanned, and it certainly looks better, more canggih-ish (but wait, First world facilities, third world mentalities!)… and that’s all!!!

This is not about politics! This is RANTINGS!!!!! Even I as an infrequent user of Johor Causeway rants like this… what about those poor JB people who travels in and out EVERY SINGLE F*KING DAY???!!!!!

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June 20, 2009 2 comments





其實基本上就是鼓吹多使用華文的廣告… 每則廣告都有不同的問題… 從”深奧”的”四書五經的四書指的是哪四部文學著作?”到令人不知要飆淚還是飆汗的"’快回去火星吧, 地球是很危險的’出自哪一部電影?"或者"網絡常用詞’囧’的意思是?"

話說我還得靠選擇題才想起四書是大學中庸論語孟子… 然后還花了老半天才把想起五經的詩書禮易春秋… =.=

實在不知道這樣的廣告成效有多大… 有多少新加坡人還知道誰是陳六使呢? 或者知道南大的25年短命歷史? 或者知道四書五經古典小說呢?

大概”有關當局”(不知道為什么這四個字放在一起很搞笑)是希望說不知道答案的, 回到”以下”網址去找出答案, 或者去孤狗一下吧, … 以此希望國人多接觸中文, 因而多使用中文? 個人倒是認為成效不大啊…

又話說新加坡國立大學的百多年校史中指出 1980年新加坡大學 (SU) 和南洋大學 (NU) 合并成新國大 (NUS), 大學的 Profile 上還有南洋大學當年的 Logo…

南洋理工大學卻又根據南洋大學 1955 年創校, 而慶祝 50 多年校慶…

真奇怪… 真奇怪… 什么時候大家來正視歷史, 還原歷史呢?

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A website critic…

June 19, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, I love to criticize, very unfortunately.

I came across someone’s twitters regarding a Penang government website that dedicated to sort of create awareness towards global climate change.

I hope and positive that the website is on its alpha 1.0 and not its full version, because the current product (which is probably built on wordpress machine, which I have nothing against) would unfortunately be a waste of resources, even though it is most probably with good intention:

1. The interface is OK, but not attractive… and layout is cacat anyway…

2. The content sucks… Internet bombed us with tons of information and junks, and changed our behaviour of reading, that we are no longer reading but skimming and browsing. Putting a chunk of words would not help increasing awareness because people may just read one sentence and close the browser before going into next sentence! Marina Mahathir posted an interesting article on this phenomenon before, and challenged the reader to “Try and Read This All the Way to the End and Prove It Wrong!”

3. One significance of the film “An inconvenient truth” is that, it put a hardcore global warming issue into some easily understand layperson materials. As a public outreach website (a government website), it should try to capture the attention of the web users with say catchy slogans and lines for instance.

4. When you want your people to do something to reduce their contributions towards GHG emissions, one should put these actions (i.e. 20 Tips untuk rakyat Pulau Pinang), into marquee-ing big words or something like that, which could really catch attentions of the people, rather than putting them into a 1000 words essay.

5. Since this is a state government effort, one should put up a more localized headline issue that can easily connect with Penang people, for example, “Worst flash flood ever in Penang: find out how it is related to Global warming”… Leave hardcore facts as supplement information, put the message out big and loud, to me this website failed to convey any interesting information out to the viewers!

OK, there are a lot more to write, but I shall stop here, and hope that the state government doesn’t put up this website just for the sake of putting it up! I mean, the governments websites are usually bad enough that make your eye sore, if the government think that by putting up a website like this and then it can claim itself “eco-savvy” and “aware of global climate change and hence working over it”, then Penangites may want to sue their government for wasting taxpayers’ money!

However, it is still good to see that a state government actually bother to set aside a wee bit of resources over global warming issues. A baby’s first step is always laudable. But the government should bear in mind that many “mitigation methods” are interlinked with its own policy and governance, for examples:

a. Poor public transport that inevitably increases fuel consumption in private transportations.

b. Poor road planning that would do nothing to safeguard cyclists.

c. Top-down approach or not, If the government doesn’t take the initiative to reduce electricity consumption by say increase air conditioner’s temperature, there is no point then asking people to do so!

d. Large ignorance over the water consumptions, which is one often forgotten but precious environmental resource.

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Secular versus Islamic state

June 16, 2009 Leave a comment

While the MCA kept on pushing the DAP that the latter should explain or apologize to the Malaysian public for leading Malaysia into a “dreadful” Islamic state by partnering PAS…

It seems like MCA’s main partner (or rather political master) UMNO’s Prime Minister Department Minister Nazri the lansi has mentioned in the house today that Malaysia IS NOT a secular state,  but an Islamic state…


I’m ALL AGAINST an Islamic state, or to be fair, I’m a secularist that I’m not interested in a state that based its laws and administration on a certain religion, be it Islam, Christian or Buddhism or Hinduism or etc…

Former Lord president had, in 1987 ruled with a 5-judge-panel that Malaysia IS a secular state… Apparently our government is not interested in following court’s interpretation…


Oh, and MCA (and co. such as Gerakan etc) is hypocrite… 🙂

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June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Wooot!!!! Did I hear someone equate the questioning of Malay interest and scholarship quotas to the sovereignty of rulers?

Hear! hear! Your royal highness!

Your Royal Highness, you surely confused me! I thought you and your son and your nephew from Selangor told us, over the year, that ALL RAKYAT MALAYSIA are your subject?

Did you not swear in as a Lord President and a Perak state ruler to uphold the Federal and Perak Constitution that requires you to be impartial, above politics and protect every single Malaysian or Perakian?

Does he, as a supposedly dignified, kind and bright ruler, ever think about the feeling of the students, who’d studied so hard, and yet staying active in their co-curriculum activities, only to find out themselves are not “qualified” for scholarships over others? Does he ever know how does it feel like, when all your hard works are translated into… nothing? Does he ever understand the helplessness when you have the opportunities but do not have the money? Does he ever ever know the feeling of being betrayed (by the state!) and INJUSTICE???!!

Seriously, our children, Malay Chinese Indian Orang Asli Kadazan Iban or the “lain-lains”, they all deserve better!


Gah… It is getting more and more upsetting when certain “well-learned” royal family is further degrading itself over the days…

I mean, errrmmmm, it would be dreadful for me to swear my loyalty to this kind of head-of-state, don’t you think so? And I was, not long ago, put up so many respects and so looked up on them…

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Unprofessional headline?

June 11, 2009 Leave a comment


Malaysiakini tried hard to link this case to another by-election ala Anwar’s style…

The story is, ADUN Jawi was accused of corruption by his own party comrade. As a result, he submitted an UNDATED resignation letter, and said that he will resign if found guilty.

His party boss already announced that the state government is looking into the allegation, and also MACC will take care of the possible wrongdoings in the member of state legislative assembly.


So… don’t you think the headline itself is SO INAPPROPRIATE and unprofessional that kind of implies a still innocent (until proven guilty) elected rep to have conducted wrongdoings and hence already submitted quit letter? It sounds much like something scandalous is brewing while the real situation is, a rep wants to clear his own name and be accountable to his own conduct…

On the contrary, The Malaysian Insider / BERNAMA put a much more straight forward headline: DAP assemblyman submits undated resignation letter. Chinese Malaysiakini’s headline is even more intuitive, but did not mention about the letter: 爪夷州议员否认滥用拨款指控 林冠英:交由反贪委员会调查 (Jawi state rep denied wrongdoings, CM said MACC will investigate)…


Perhaps Malaysiakini’s English editor is more speculative and sensational?


By the way, undated resignation letter was proven useless unless the person who signed it did not protest like Penang’s Fairus.

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