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Cyanide (3)

Malaysiakini and Merdekareview, in chinese, carried the bad news to the peace-loving and simple minded people who just want to stay happy, healthy and alive…

In a nutshell, Bukit Koman villagers applied for a judicial review to overrule the department of environment’s approval for the dangerous cyanide mining project in Bukit Koman, Raub, which I blogged about it here and here. (If you bother to read lah… 😛 )

High Court Justice Lau Bee Lan today said no to the application because the approval was issued in 1997. A judicial review should be applied within 40 days of a certain decision. But as the matter involved public interest, application fees was waivered…


I know nuts about law… I don’t know the significance of the magic 40-day rules… For a layperson like me, it’s almost unacceptable to say that, the people’s health and safety, and the people’s precious life are less important than a magical 40-day rules.

Maybe it is because of what I watched from the TV, I believe that rule is not unbendable. Well you know, those TV shows or movies always imply that justice may not come now, but will definitely come some days later… 不是不報, 時辰未到… (Eh, actually this is from what we called 武俠小說!)

Shall justice turn a blind eye to the people whose life and healthy are seriously impacted? Rule is set by human, and from a human’s point of view, don’t you think that when a certain action could kill a human, we as human ourselves should do something to stop it from happening?

Stopping your car in the middle of the road is illegal. But should one, as a paramedic or a person equipped with first aid skill, not stop in the middle of the road to access the casualty of a car accident?


I’m a layperson, I see things like this:

When executive orders fail, I seek for my elected rep’s help. When my legislative rep and the legislative chamber fail, I seek for justice, judiciary’s help.

What if judiciary, the JUSTICE fails me? For some cases, I could seek for institution of monarch’s help…

What if even institution of monarch fails me, like in the Perak crisis?

I’ll wonder, why am I still swearing my loyalty to this country when everything seems to fail?


I hope Bukit Koman’s villagers will stay strong and keep fighting… If everything fails, perhaps we’ll still have court of public opinion…

For more information, please read bancyanide’s blog.

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  1. bancyanide.blogspot
    June 2, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    thanks a lot… 🙂

  1. June 2, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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