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Cyanide mining: publicity

How many people really KNOW about the gold mining project using cyanide in Bukit Koman?

And how many Malaysian people KNOW about yesterday high court’s dismissal of the leave application for a judicial review of the EIA report on the use of cyanide in gold mining in Bukit Koman?

I did a web search on the Bukit Koman issues. While there are a number of reports from mostly Chinese media, English and Malay media appeared to be almost silent about the sorry state of Bukit Koman new village.

Likewise, while Malaysiakini (Chinese version) and Merdekareview (a Chinese online media) closely reported this issue, the few hundreds human life could not gather enough attention to hit most of the other online media, including Malaysiakini (English/Malay version, though MK did report on villager Chong’s death before), Malaysian Insider, The Edge Malaysia, Suara Keadilan, Harakah daily and etc. As a matter of fact, such harmful practice of mining also escaped most “English blogger” attention.


Why is that so? Let’s guess:

1) It only involves a small new village in Raub which already is relatively unknown to most of the people, and hence forth it doesn’t carry “national interest”.

2) Pahang state is not in the central stage of today’s political and economical scene. (People know more about what happened in Penang even though they live closer to Pahang OK?)

3) OK, this guess is more “racial”. Was it because Bukit Koman’s residents are largely Chinese ethnic and usually converse and think in Chinese? Hence it worth hitting the Chinese media, while English or Malay paper-reader is not interested to know the story?


I found this particular “practice” in the local media disturbing. Often enough, many issues that involved hundreds and thousands of Malaysian’s live and livelihood are under-reported, if not unreported.

Is the use of cyanide in gold mining project WITHOUT CLEAR CUT REGULATION and WITHOUT PRIOR INFORMATION to the residents not worth a “national concern”? So staying at home smelling HCN everyday is just a personal or local issues?

Is the health, safety, live and livelihood of few hundred villagers NOT IMPORTANT for the Malaysian people, North to South, East to West?

More importantly, is the BN-style “divide and conquer” rooted so deep into Malaysian culture, that everyone is only interested in people who bear the same skin color, or in people who think and talk similarly?

When a certain issues involved mostly (NOT ENTIRELY!) Chinese people, then it is almost by default that Chinese papers will carry the news to the people, while the others will just stay away from it. We see it in Bukit Koman case, in Grand saga saga, in Rawang’s TNB tower case and etc.

At least the Chinese papers are still widely read… What about, the orang asli’s grumbles in the Peninsular Malaysia? What about the Selangor water tunnel project that would harm vast amount of our forest and river but also the indigenous people? What about the ongoing NCR land issues that haunted many of the Sarawak indigenous? And also the Bakun Dam, the Penan tribes and so many more!

Is there any Orang Asli paper to help these marginalized Malaysian?


In Grand Saga saga, again, it was the Chinese media carried most of the juicy information, presumably because most of the residents involved were Chinese. It was until the heavy involvement of FRU, the people’s removal of the barricade, and henceforth the assault of MPs and even innocent passerby that shot the case into “national prominence”…

Maybe, just maybe, FRU is our good friend in publicity…

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