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Alam Flora contracts

So someone accused Selangor government for dishing out solid waste management Alam Flora contracts to the 3 parties of the coalition government, PKR 40%, DAP and Pas 30%.

So today the Vice president of PKR and federal MP, Sivarasa said that there’s nothing wrong for the political parties to “recommend” contractors to Alam Flora, as Alam Flora will have final say…

Sir, first of all, you are a federal MP in Selangor, and you are a member of national leadership in PKR… I guess it is only valid to ask, why you? Don’t you think that a state party leader and state exco would be more appropriate? Or were you just “commenting” as a national leader over the state’s affair?

Secondly, how could this not be WRONG? In fact it seems to me that you are admitting wrong-doing anyway… A “recommendation” by a political party, which is a member of the coalition government, is in my opinion as solid as an “executive order”! Imagine you are a businessman, you are deciding to buy your supply from which company. Suddenly, the government send you a letter, suggesting you that you could buy from ABC company… What are the chances of you not choosing ABC company over the others? Pleasing the government is important don’t you think so?

Shall one lobby for contracts, by direct or indirectly using its own political influence and power, that is ultimately granted by the voters?

I remember there was a politician in Germany, used points collected by numerous official flights to travel to somewhere else for vacation. He was forced out of office…

Why not open tender?

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