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Unprofessional headline?


Malaysiakini tried hard to link this case to another by-election ala Anwar’s style…

The story is, ADUN Jawi was accused of corruption by his own party comrade. As a result, he submitted an UNDATED resignation letter, and said that he will resign if found guilty.

His party boss already announced that the state government is looking into the allegation, and also MACC will take care of the possible wrongdoings in the member of state legislative assembly.


So… don’t you think the headline itself is SO INAPPROPRIATE and unprofessional that kind of implies a still innocent (until proven guilty) elected rep to have conducted wrongdoings and hence already submitted quit letter? It sounds much like something scandalous is brewing while the real situation is, a rep wants to clear his own name and be accountable to his own conduct…

On the contrary, The Malaysian Insider / BERNAMA put a much more straight forward headline: DAP assemblyman submits undated resignation letter. Chinese Malaysiakini’s headline is even more intuitive, but did not mention about the letter: 爪夷州议员否认滥用拨款指控 林冠英:交由反贪委员会调查 (Jawi state rep denied wrongdoings, CM said MACC will investigate)…


Perhaps Malaysiakini’s English editor is more speculative and sensational?


By the way, undated resignation letter was proven useless unless the person who signed it did not protest like Penang’s Fairus.

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