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Wooot!!!! Did I hear someone equate the questioning of Malay interest and scholarship quotas to the sovereignty of rulers?

Hear! hear! Your royal highness!

Your Royal Highness, you surely confused me! I thought you and your son and your nephew from Selangor told us, over the year, that ALL RAKYAT MALAYSIA are your subject?

Did you not swear in as a Lord President and a Perak state ruler to uphold the Federal and Perak Constitution that requires you to be impartial, above politics and protect every single Malaysian or Perakian?

Does he, as a supposedly dignified, kind and bright ruler, ever think about the feeling of the students, who’d studied so hard, and yet staying active in their co-curriculum activities, only to find out themselves are not “qualified” for scholarships over others? Does he ever know how does it feel like, when all your hard works are translated into… nothing? Does he ever understand the helplessness when you have the opportunities but do not have the money? Does he ever ever know the feeling of being betrayed (by the state!) and INJUSTICE???!!

Seriously, our children, Malay Chinese Indian Orang Asli Kadazan Iban or the “lain-lains”, they all deserve better!


Gah… It is getting more and more upsetting when certain “well-learned” royal family is further degrading itself over the days…

I mean, errrmmmm, it would be dreadful for me to swear my loyalty to this kind of head-of-state, don’t you think so? And I was, not long ago, put up so many respects and so looked up on them…

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