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Secular versus Islamic state

While the MCA kept on pushing the DAP that the latter should explain or apologize to the Malaysian public for leading Malaysia into a “dreadful” Islamic state by partnering PAS…

It seems like MCA’s main partner (or rather political master) UMNO’s Prime Minister Department Minister Nazri the lansi has mentioned in the house today that Malaysia IS NOT a secular state,  but an Islamic state…


I’m ALL AGAINST an Islamic state, or to be fair, I’m a secularist that I’m not interested in a state that based its laws and administration on a certain religion, be it Islam, Christian or Buddhism or Hinduism or etc…

Former Lord president had, in 1987 ruled with a 5-judge-panel that Malaysia IS a secular state… Apparently our government is not interested in following court’s interpretation…


Oh, and MCA (and co. such as Gerakan etc) is hypocrite… 🙂

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