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A website critic…

OK, I love to criticize, very unfortunately.

I came across someone’s twitters regarding a Penang government website that dedicated to sort of create awareness towards global climate change.

I hope and positive that the website is on its alpha 1.0 and not its full version, because the current product (which is probably built on wordpress machine, which I have nothing against) would unfortunately be a waste of resources, even though it is most probably with good intention:

1. The interface is OK, but not attractive… and layout is cacat anyway…

2. The content sucks… Internet bombed us with tons of information and junks, and changed our behaviour of reading, that we are no longer reading but skimming and browsing. Putting a chunk of words would not help increasing awareness because people may just read one sentence and close the browser before going into next sentence! Marina Mahathir posted an interesting article on this phenomenon before, and challenged the reader to “Try and Read This All the Way to the End and Prove It Wrong!”

3. One significance of the film “An inconvenient truth” is that, it put a hardcore global warming issue into some easily understand layperson materials. As a public outreach website (a government website), it should try to capture the attention of the web users with say catchy slogans and lines for instance.

4. When you want your people to do something to reduce their contributions towards GHG emissions, one should put these actions (i.e. 20 Tips untuk rakyat Pulau Pinang), into marquee-ing big words or something like that, which could really catch attentions of the people, rather than putting them into a 1000 words essay.

5. Since this is a state government effort, one should put up a more localized headline issue that can easily connect with Penang people, for example, “Worst flash flood ever in Penang: find out how it is related to Global warming”… Leave hardcore facts as supplement information, put the message out big and loud, to me this website failed to convey any interesting information out to the viewers!

OK, there are a lot more to write, but I shall stop here, and hope that the state government doesn’t put up this website just for the sake of putting it up! I mean, the governments websites are usually bad enough that make your eye sore, if the government think that by putting up a website like this and then it can claim itself “eco-savvy” and “aware of global climate change and hence working over it”, then Penangites may want to sue their government for wasting taxpayers’ money!

However, it is still good to see that a state government actually bother to set aside a wee bit of resources over global warming issues. A baby’s first step is always laudable. But the government should bear in mind that many “mitigation methods” are interlinked with its own policy and governance, for examples:

a. Poor public transport that inevitably increases fuel consumption in private transportations.

b. Poor road planning that would do nothing to safeguard cyclists.

c. Top-down approach or not, If the government doesn’t take the initiative to reduce electricity consumption by say increase air conditioner’s temperature, there is no point then asking people to do so!

d. Large ignorance over the water consumptions, which is one often forgotten but precious environmental resource.

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