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Third bridge?


Applause to Malaysiakini for using third link instead of third bridge… Right now Malaysia has 1 causeway and 1 bridge connecting Singapore, so the possible third link is only second bridge… as pointed out by someone… 🙂

As I’m depoliticising my blog, I’ll keep this short:

1. Freak, everyone is using Johor Causeway because it is the SHORTEST possible way to enter JB town, and it is also nearer to Singapore town area! Have any politician really go and pay a visit to the Johor Causeway to witness how CONGESTED the causeway is?

2. We need a link right beside Causeway, to ease the congestion. OK, best if an MRT/LRT connection.

3. Second link is EXPENSIVE, FAR, and super under-utilized, because it brings you to NOWHERE! Ok, it’s kind of close to Gelang Patah… but there is no way you want to drive god-know-how-long more to go JB city!

4. Building a bridge connecting Changi airport and Pengerang/Desaru? And on top of that, the bridge itself is like 3 times or 4 times longer than the second link? WHO THE HELL is gonna use it? Even cargoes from east coast Malaysia won’t take this route!

I really don’t know who mooted this idea, but one thing for sure, someone told me that ever since the new JB custom opened, travelling between JB and Singapore gets harder! You can no longer walk from Singapore to JB because it’ll be at least another 1.5km distance for you to reach the JB custom! and even worse, it is ILLEGAL!!!! The road linking towards JB custom is two-lane!!!! OMG, it used to be what? 4 lanes? and it was still congested!!!!

The someone said, he nowadays drive back to JB only at 1am, or he’ll be stucked in traffic jam!

And lastly… JB custom is apparently managed by whatever health and fitness promotion board nowadays! Inside the custom building, you now need to walk in a crazy maze… which could be about 400m walk INSIDE THE BUILDING itself before you can go wherever you want!!!!

The only better thing about the custom is, you now need to get your passport scanned, and it certainly looks better, more canggih-ish (but wait, First world facilities, third world mentalities!)… and that’s all!!!

This is not about politics! This is RANTINGS!!!!! Even I as an infrequent user of Johor Causeway rants like this… what about those poor JB people who travels in and out EVERY SINGLE F*KING DAY???!!!!!

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  1. George
    June 27, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    The REAL issue is all but clouded by all this talk of 3rd link, crooked bridge rubbish.

    Now get this: The ONE AND ONLY issue is that Singapore cannot afford to let ANYTHING disturb the causeway because of the water agreements with Malaysia AND the physical assets of the water supply – the pipelines, the waterworks at the Terbau river, etc. Because once the causeway is ‘disturbed’ in anyway by or because of the destruction of the causeway, ALL HELL MAY (SOME WOULD SAY, WOULD) BREAK LOOSE! Mark my word, this is the unspoken HIDDEN AGENDA the govts on both sides are only too mindful of. Anything can happen, and most likely would.

    Other related issues include the question of why would Singapore do something that would seriously compromise/kill its own status of a global port and the attendant economic repercussion? It’s suicidal.

    IMO, there is only one new link that Singapore is likely to agree to wholeheartedly and in many ways the most commonsensical thing to do it its opinion. That is, that of building another LOW bridge/causeway side-by-side the existing causeway to accommodate more road links and an MRT railway to JB. But of course that would require a tremendous amount of re-development/development on the Johore Bahru side – which is worth a ponder given the Iskandar Development.

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